My life and philosophies has been hugely influenced by some of the information I got from the connections I made

My life and philosophies has been hugely influenced by some of the information I got from the connections I made, I consider networking to be almost as important as academic qualifications.
During my NYSC year, I decided to take up an evening retail pharmacy job to experience retail pharmacy practice and for some extra cash. The pharmacy was in an upscale area of town, I made deliberate efforts to engage most people who came around either through discussions or my conduct in the delivery of pharmaceutical care services. By virtue of this, I met some of the most influential people I know right now and had some of the most intellectually stimulating conversations as well as access to information that has shaped my career positively. For example, I met a client who after several discussions told me he believes my perspective can effect change and recommended me for an internship opportunity at the research unit of a top non-governmental organization. This opportunity has been one of the most fulfilling experience of my life so far, I have networked with top government officials, illustrious academicians and policy makers through advocacy visits and trainings, been part of meetings with major decision makers and aired some of my views and opinions, trained several health professionals on some emerging trends in the public health , I have travelled to about 20 states in Nigeria on advocacy and field research visits, experienced different cultures and I have also been giving the opportunity to lead. This experience has fortified me with the values of diligence and tenacity, it has further sharpened my networking skills which I have sought to apply in my professional and social networks.
Earlier this year, I attended an event organized by the Association of Lady Pharmacists of Nigeria(ALPS) on behalf of the Young Pharmacist Group (YPG) Abuja chapter where I currently serve as the knowledge management officer, I met with the current DG of NAFDAC at the meeting where we discussed the menace of drug abuse in Nigeria and as a result of our discussion , the YPG got initial consent to develop a proposal for a project on how young pharmacists can help curb the menace of drug and substance abuse in Nigeria which we are currently working on. I also belong to a socio-cultural group called the ULTRAX club where I served as the social captain in charge of all social activities and later as the deputy mayor.
My aspiration is to develop a generalizable framework that can help bridge the gap between health policy and health research in a low and middle-income country like Nigeria and encourage evidence based policy making that impacts the lives of the citizens through addressing problems some of which include but not limited to; inadequate supply of policy relevant research, poor communication of findings and mistrust between policy makers and researchers. I believe that as a prospective chevening scholar with the increased potential of networking with other chevening scholars majority of which are stakeholders and policy makers in Nigeria and the world at large as well as the experience of studying in the UK, a multicultural and developed nation, I stand a higher chance of effecting much needed change in my country.