Most of the customers will expect that you have a business on the internet

Most of the customers will expect that you have a business on the internet. It is a good way to boost your business through the internet no matter what your business is about. The website can simply be about the information about your business or your contact details (Business Queensland, 2017). For building a website you do not even have to have programming knowledge per se, you just have to get familiarize with the website builder backend menu/interface which is easy to understand.
To start building a website you first need to decide a name for your business by making sure that it is related to your business and then check on the domain providing websites like to check the availability of that name. If it is available then you can select that name for your domain but if not then you have to adjust your business name and again check for the domain availability. If you find .COM version for your domain then consider using it, other suffixes are also available like .NET, .ORG or .INFO but customers overwhelmingly use the .COM to type web addresses. You can purchase the domain through the website builder you are using or you can purchase it through the registrars like Godaddy (Marsan, 2017). After selecting a domain, you have to consider the web-hosting platform for your website. A web hosting service will store your website and direct it to the visitors; you can select the host platforms from Bluehost, Weebly or Godaddy.
But before buying the domain and hosting platform you need to consider the right package for your business, all domain and hosting providing platform provide packages that vary from free, monthly to yearly with different offers depending on how many visitors you can get or the storage space for your website.

To build a website you can use website builders such as square space, Wix, Weebly that are very simple to use. You just have to sign up and start making your website by selecting the desired website template through a range to designs according to your business and start building on their online interface. There are other website builders like WordPress but WordPress is a bit more complicated than others are. WordPress is all-in-one packaged website software. First, you have to install WordPress on the server provided you by the host you selected and after that, you could start making your website by picking up a theme and installing new functionalities through plugins.
Now when it is time to design the website you should first make the important pages for your website according to your needs.
1. Homepage: This would be the front page of your website where the viewer will first land and it should be appealing and eye-catching.
2. About: This page will share the details of your business
3. Contact: This will give the contact information of your business.
4. Testimonial: This page will show how your business has benefited your other customers.
Now a website can be published and gone live for the users after being reviewed.