Mobile App analysis report Expedia is one of the top most service providers in the travel industry with customers across the globe

Mobile App analysis report
Expedia is one of the top most service providers in the travel industry with customers across the globe. Services include airline ticketing, hotel stays, car rentals and customized packages. Considering the goals of the company and the large quantum of online business the marketing strategy and customer satisfaction are immensely pertinent to the sustainable growth of the business.
The Mobile App Engagement through the Expedia App, the Mobile Lifecycle Marketing session and amplifying results with mobile marketing programmatic platforms can foster one-on-one interaction would result in increased sales as the consumer is bequeathed with a personalized feel with the Brand. Expedia has gained the unique opportunity of interacting with the consumer through the travel journey using this mobile app. Brand alignment and personalizes user journeys are a direct result of this particular mobile app. The company can use the increasing interest of the consumers for booking travel using mobile apps to sell transportation options, holiday activities and travel accommodations by provision of the targeted offers to customers during their buying experience. Expedia also plan and executes certain personalized campaigns, with the aid of marketing tools like the in-app messages, mobile push notifications and targeted emails, using information captured such as destination, travel time and the loyalty membership status of the consumer etc., This is followed by the development of marketing campaigns those are based on the trigger points, message time and the target clientele. The sale of travel is made to a customer even at the time of his / her travel to or from the airport. Expedia also has a service to suggest car rental which could be added to the client’s existing travel package.
Nowadays mobile is considered to be the most personalized device held by an individual that could be utilized for communicating with various Brands. The drop in open rates for mass media propaganda signifies that non-personalized blasts have lost their glory. Mobile devices enable cost effective reach while also delivering personalized messages. It can obtain direct response from customers while enabling progression to further information. The demographics and geographical customer mapping could be easily executed and instant response to campaign also could be measured. However, screen size and constrained display challenges interactive capabilities in mobile advertising and feature based exclusion of ads is also noticed. A data based mobile might take long to load interactive advertisement and privacy threat is a systematic risk feature that exists.
The key in case of Mobile marketing strategies will be assessment of audience, business objectives and goals, market scenario, consumer demographics and the opportunities. Analytical and marketing data tools can aid in determining target consumer behaviors and aid creation of key words with optimal clicks, page retention and movement to product sale. Customer experience and related brand interaction at a given time is the basics to designing a winning Brand interaction experience. Leveraging the mobile marketing channels based on business goals, brand features and target consumer expectation is the optimal strategy.