Time allowed: 2 Hrs 40 Mins Total Marks Section B and C: 53
Answer all parts of Section ‘B’ and two questions from Section ‘C’. Write your answers neatly and legibly.
Section-B (33 Marks)  
Q-2Write short answers of the following. Answers should not exceed three to four lines.(11 x 3 = 33)
a.Convert 1gm cm -3 into Kg m-3
b.What do you mean by the least count of a vernier calliper. Write mathematical expression.

c.A cyclist completes one round of circular track of diameter 636m in 1.5 minutes. Find his velocity.

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d.Define inertia. Describe the factors on which inertia depends.

e.Can a fat (heavy) child play with a small (light) child on a sea saw? Explain.

f.On the surface of earth weight of a boy is 400 N but on the mountain peak his weight is 360N. Calculate value of g on the mountain peak.

g.Write down three methods for reducing friction.

h.Define stress and strain.

i.Differentiate between nuclear energy and chemical energy.

j.What do you mean by the efficiency of a system? Why practically the efficiency of a system cannot be 100%.
k.Define centre of gravity and centre of mass.

Section- C (20 Marks)
Note: – Attempt following questions. All questions carry equal marks. (2 x 10 = 20)
Q. 3.

a.What is Law of Gravitation? Derive a relation for mass of earth by using Law of Gravitation. Calculate mass of earth. (Radius of earth is 6.4 x 106 m) (2 + 2+2)
b.A nut has been tightened by a force of 200N using a 10cm long spanner. What length of spanner is required to loosen the same nut with force of 150 N? (4)
Q. 4.

a.Define and derive expression for Archimedes Principle. (1 + 3)
b.Differentiate between Conduction and Radiation of heat. How land and sea breezes blow? (3)
c.How much heat is lost in an hour through a glass measuring 2m x 2.5m when inside temperature is 250C and outside is 50C.Thickness of the glass is 0.8cm and value of K for glass is 0.8Wm-1K-1 (3)
College No.______________Section.__________
Time allowed: 20 Mins Total Marks: 53
Section A is compulsory. All parts of this questions are to be answered on question paper itself. Deleting /over writing is not allowed. Do not use lead pencil. .

Q-1Circle the correct option i.e A, B , C, D. Each part carries one Mark.

A body of mass 1 Kg is moving with velocity 2m/sec. Its K.E will be:
A. 2 JB. 4 JC. 6 JD. 8 J
Which of the following is a vector quantity?
A. SpeedB. AccelerationC. PowerD. Energy
c.The SI unit of stress is:
A. NmB. Nm -1 C. Wm 3 D. Nm -2
d.Sea and land breezes blow due to __________ of heat:
A. ConductionB. ConvectionC. Radiation D. Temperature
e.The SI unit of tensile strain is:
A. JouleB.NewtonC.VoltD. None
f.Two equal but unlike parallel forces having different line of action produce:
A. TorqueB. CoupleC. ForceD. Momentum
g.The number of forces that can be added by head to tail rule are:
A. 2B.3C.4D. any number
h.Newton’s First Law is valid only in absence of:
A. ForceB. Net ForceC. FrictionD. Momentum
i.Motion of a body about an axis is called:
A. Circular motionB. Rotatory motionC. Vibratory motionD. Random Motion
j.Moon completes one revolution around the earth in :A. 25.3 daysB. 27.3 daysC. 30.3 daysD. 33.3 days
k.In nuclear reactor the type of energy produced is:
A. Chemical EnergyB. Atomic EnergyC. Nuclear Energy D. Light Energy
l.A rocket is propelled in space on basis of Newton’s Law:
A. 1st LawB. 2nd Law C. 3rd Law D. Law of Gravitation