Migration rates have increased significantly in Imbali

Migration rates have increased significantly in Imbali, people from the black community are confidently moving to Imbali. This was part of the way the township started in 1958 when people relocated from rural areas in search for a better life in the city of Pietermaritzburg. As per the Census 2011 the township’s population was at about 30157 with 94.1 % as IsiZulu speaking residents, currently the population (Statistics South Africa, 2011). The latest result from the community survey has revealed that the country’s population has increased. Thornville is extremely small as compared to Imbali with a population of 494 as per the Census 2011 (Statistics South Africa, 2011). The relationship between the two areas is dynamic and interdependent in nature allowing for endless opportunities to be looked into. Giving greater attention to rural-urban relations can enhance our understanding of the complexities of education and lifelong learning processes in these areas.