Memory can define as the retention

Memory can define as the retention, recollection and registration of past happening, Human memory is complex. Our brain need to remember past happened experience to help the live instants like most of time we forget some items like pen drive, important documents, watch and extra, but we didn’t remember after some time where we dropped that items. These kind of forget will be creating many problems in the live world. So many methods are having in the world for particular this happened and these used RFID and some wireless techniques for found the misplaced items. But these all are equipment cost is very high also need electronic source for working and find the misplaced items. These kinds of issues have been ratified efficiently by MGM (Memory Glow Method) method, because no need any electrical technology for working this method and we have to spend some time for enter details about the items to the FMIMGM (Find the Misplaced Items Using Memory Glow Method) system. This system has found the misplaced item within 0.2 minutes of average time, success rate is more than 99 % and frustration level is 0.2.