Management and Organization ABM 11 – D Castro

Management and Organization
ABM 11 – D
Castro, Moises Antonio A. HW#1
11860545 June 11, 2018

A great leader, a great patriot, a great industrialist, and a great man. Ramon V. Del Rosario Sr. was one of the founders of the Philippine industry. Through his remarkable motivation and matchless determination to succeed, he was able to build a successful legacy in the corporate world. He finished his Commerce degree (major in accounting) from La Salle College which is now known as De La Salle University.
Del Rosario became the first Filipino General Manager of IBM Philippines in 1946 at the tender of 29. He also joined Philippine American Life Insurance Company in 1951 as the Executive Vice President. In 1953, he had his first entrepreneurial venture in which he helped his siblings to set up the Del Rosario Brothers, Inc. wherein the company manufactured and distributed household appliances to customers on an installment basis.
In 1956, together with his friends from the JCI movement incorporated the Philippine Investment and Management Consultants (PHINMA). He was one of the successful young Filipino business entrepreneurs during this time. He secured several affiliate companies like construction, sugar, food to paper manufacturing, he went for broke and built the first Filipino-owned oil company, Filoil Refinery Corporation. In the present, PHINMA focused on services and has grown into 23 companies in the field of energy, education, roofing, financial services, and property and shelter sectors. PHINMA also worked in best in making quality education available to 26,000 students in which they are children of the less fortunate who is in need of quality education.
Del Rosario brought professors from Harvard Business School in the country to teach management courses. In effect, it led to the creation of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). In AIM, he became one of the founding trustees.
The De La Salle University honored Del Rosario by attaching his name to one of the university’s college which is the Ramon V. Del Rosario – College of Business (RVR – COB) during its centennial anniversary.
It was evident that Del Rosario worked hard to achieve all these things during his lifetime. He embodied himself as a motivated, persevering and a determined person. He also possessed the Lasallian core values which made the university to name one of its colleges. In the current situation of the country in which there are less job opportunities, high inflation rates and much more, the public and private institutions should offer more job opportunities and livelihood programs and instill service in their minds. Especially, the some people in the government who are corrupt and only mind themselves for their own sake.