Malaysia as a developing country is not spared from the impact of globalisation

Malaysia as a developing country is not spared from the impact of globalisation. Over the last three
decades Malaysian economy has experienced tremendous economic development expecially with regards to
the nation’s main commodity. Such economic development requires a large pool of workers. When
economic downturn occurs, all workers are effected regardless of whether they are local or foreign. The
Malaysian Industrial Court hears cases pertaining to dismissal of workers on reason of redundancy. The
Industrial Court is a specialised court established under the Malaysian Industrial Relations Act 1967 (IRA).
Any dismissed worker may file his or her complaint under section 20 of the IRA at the nearest Department of
Industrial Realations. The Department then will conduct a conciliation aiming to settle the dispute. If the
Department fails to resolve the dispute, the case will be referred to the Minister of Human Resources who
will make a decision whether to refer the case to the Industrial Court or not. The Industrial Court will seize
with jurisdiction to hear the case upon reference of the Minister. (Hassan et al, 2007, Cruz, 2008, Aun, 2006).
The Industrial Court has decided many cases on the issues of retrenchment, as shown in this paper