Living far away from home including four years of challenging myself in the Catholic Congregation has been a precious episode of my life

Living far away from home including four years of challenging myself in the Catholic Congregation has been a precious episode of my life. Indeed, choosing Hue City instead of Ho Chi Minh City for studying at college was the most fascinating decision I have never regretted. Being independence from the age of 15 has shaped me to adapt easily to new environment and develop my self-discipline in thinking and acting. My personal growth has been nurtured more about humility and perseverance when living under strict education from nuns. Moreover, I like to fuel up myself to improve at everything I do, whenever I play on the piano, I often record and practice again until it becomes smoother. Additionally, I revel in outlining my tasks and trying hard to make the highest quality work in the amount of time I have. Above all, thanks to the assertiveness of my parents, I can step out of home and approach to the compelling world. In 2009, I chose to study Preventive Medicine at Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy to satisfy my parents although I hated being a medical doctor. However, I was increasingly engrossed in my major after the first year. To pursue professional attentiveness, I planned to cultivate myself by attending various online courses with diversity of topics. Since then, I found myself fascinated and wanted to deepen my knowledge in Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases and Global Health. Besides, actively participating in some online and offline scientific studies helped me accumulate many research experiences. After a high time working in those studies, I was entrusted for managing and ensuring some studies to be on the right track. Five academic papers as well as several conference proceedings are highlights in my studying process. Most importantly, after six years of trying my best, I graduated in 2015 with an excellent degree with a GPA of 3.28/4.0 as promised to my parents. Beyond this academic achievement, extra-curricular activities incited me to build up to interpersonal skills. From an irritated person, I become more amiable and friendly. When doing charity, I feel the unfortunate of the babies with deformities or the poor when they could not afford medical care. Moreover, partaking in the English Club in college has formed up into leadership qualification when I together with other members organized the English Competition for students through the years. Especially, achieving the full scholarship Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) in the spring of 2016 gave me a huge opportunity to consolidate more about leadership capabilities and help me grow in confidence to contribute to the community. From September 2015, I started my dream job in the Department for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City (PIHCMC). Proactively monitoring and early detection of infectious diseases in Southern Vietnam make me easier to understand the disease model in region and nation. When operating some disease outbreaks in catchment area, I have gained many field experiences in outbreak investigation as well as promoting appropriate prevention and control action for community. Since May 2017, I have been a watch staff member in Southern Vietnam Public Health (PH) Emergency Operations Center which belongs to an action package in a five-year committed effort between Vietnam Government and US-CDC to provide an essential platform for the effective management of PH emergencies. Therefore, I am exploiting this advantage to enrich my capacity to monitoring and coordinating response to emerging PH threats. Furthermore, two years working as an assistant coordinator of an influenza sentinel surveillance in collaboration with World Health Organization (WHO) has also helped me strengthen the project management skill. On the other hand, I was assigned as a supervisor in three vaccine clinical trials to be responsible for administering the study sites and ensuring these researches conducted in accordance with the protocol. As a result, nothing is happier when PIHCMC created a chance to fulfil my dream to accelerate progress toward a community safe and secure from disease threats. As stated above, I demonstrate my strong interest in Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases and Global Health and intend to pursue higher education. I found Fulbright suits me that its sophisticated program will grow my passion tied together with community health. Indeed, Vietnam is now facing the double burden of previously common communicable and emerging non-communicable diseases. Hence, I would like to devote myself and fully give my intention to convey the excitement and the power of PH to promote the WHOs goal Health for All. Moreover, I desire to learn the overview and comprehensive insights into global PH problems now and in the future. Two years working experiences have exposed myself not only the professional weaknesses but also lacking intellectual capability. I expect Fulbright will provide a dynamic, rigorous and systemic PH training with practical lessons that I need to fulfil and reinforce my knowledge. Finally, I am Vietnamese and I love the US. YSEALI gave me a speechless feeling when I stepped into the Ellen DeGeneres stage, then, I hope Fulbright will reactivate this awesome feeling inside me by forming a chance to visit US-CDC headquarter in Atlanta. For those reasons above, I find my ambitious that PH is the shortest and fittest way in which I could express my small ability and potential to substantially improve the health of community. After finishing the course, I would love to continue the current work at PIHCMC. I desire to impart this equipped knowledge to work professionally and methodically in surveillance and prevention of infectious diseases regionally and nationally. Besides, I would devote my time to conduct scientific researches on emerging infectious diseases. In the long term, I would like to work and incorporate with international organizations via cooperative programs focusing on the interface of human and animal health. Above all, I look forward to contributing and expending my portion of effort to bring every essential part of a strong public healthcare system for Vietnam in the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Y, yu),[email protected]
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