Liberalism; the contains the group activities of economic, social, and political. The theory that involving on the proper, relationship within the state and individual. A broader abroad to be relationship, between individual and societies. Kymlicka here he explained, the liberal view about nature and the values of community culture therefore family liberal, state neutrality and individual right such as gays and lesbians, abortions like Ireland national voted referendum for abortion
In the middle class society they gave to increase a capitalism society and freedom then market economy .this is improvement of expensed people to an array of chosen, the first looking an individual to the community. The involving into radical demand for change from the people of abolish. So when we are speak, about liberal view we must and considering those importance things. To liberalism an example toleration, justice, individual freedom, constitutions and limited of government.Toleration’s the social liberal ethics characterized by voluntary and willingness to agree. Some cases celebrate culture, moral and political diversity. On the assumptions of human and different of separate with unquie , creations of toleration to be guarantee of individual autonomy should involve the toleration to strike and balance of solving conflict interest and create of harmony