Legal Immigration Process Speech Informative Presentation Fundamentals of Human Communication Natalia Chalup

Legal Immigration Process Speech
Informative Presentation

Fundamentals of Human Communication
Natalia Chalup
(Section 80)

Legal immigration process speech
Topic: legal immigration process with work intentions
Organization: Topical
Specific purpose: To inform my audience about what people go through to legally come work in the united states

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We all see politicians talk about how immigrants are taking the jobs that belong to the american citizens and immigrants are simply coming into the country and taking them leaving no jobs for the natural citizens. It is valid to have an opinion and defend it , but it’s always beneficial to know the facts
It is important for all of us to be informed of the immigration process in order to accurately talk, vote and judge, especially those that are impacted by it ( Border States)
I happen to be one of those immigrants, my father was transferred within the company he works for, which leads to my family and i to go through the process to become U.S. citizens
In order to speak, vote and judge we must base our actions on facts, knowledge and experience.
And with this all we shall learn how someone immigration with work intentions in the U.S. must follow the protocol established by the following: acquiring a Visa , Residency and lastly Citizenship.
TRANSITION: Once you have chosen to live in the United States and seek a job you will start the legal process which begins with a visa.
Those that have chosen to seek a job within the states must go through the process of acquiring a visa , this process consist of
1st- transmitting a labor certification approval from the Department of labor
2nd – Filing an immigrant petition alien worker, this form is also known as – 140 and it is sent to the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) after the petition is reviewed and approved the employee will receive a case number for their petition, and with this a “priority date”
3rd- you must complete the following form “DS-261” which refers to the choice of address and agent , (this will not be necessary if you already have an attorney); after this has been completed you will receive instructions of what and how to pay the required fees.
4th- After submitting all the appropriate paperwork you must go under the interview processes; you shall attend to the consulate and speak with a consular officer who will determine if you are eligible and if the visa should be given to you. (U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of State,

With all of this in mind we shall consider that there are various types of work visas , E1, E2, E3, E4, and E5

SIDENOTE : Must renew every year .

TRANSITION ; once you have received your visa now you are able to work within the states, but the next step to citizenship is obtaining your residency or as most commonly known “green card”

TOPIC 2: Residency
1st- you must file a green card application, once that has gone though you shall attend a
Second appointment, where they will take your fingerprints, picture and signature.
2nd- step is a second interview in which they will decide if you’re a good candidate for the residency.
SIDE NOTE : can’t vote
It is valid for 10 years.
According to Us immigration direct website “the Department of Homeland Security, in 2013, the U.S. issued green cards to nearly 1 million applicants. When they applied (54 percent) and were allowed to permanently live in the U.S. based on a family relationship with a U.S. citizen or another green card holder (66 percent).” “Green Card Applications.” How Many Immigration Applications Are Filed Each Year?,
TRANSITION : Now if all has gone well, you have now reached the last step.
TOPIC 3: Citizenship
1st – Download and fill out the appropriate form in this case (N-400) with this you will need 2 passport style pictures to insert.
2nd – You have been accepted you shall receive a receipt note with which you will be able to check your processing times as well as the status .
3rd- After all the initial paperwork has been dealt with you will receive the directions to attend to another biometrics appointment in which they will take your biometrics once again.
4th – Interview with a consular officer.
5th- You shall receive a decision on your citizenship , if its granted you will follow the process .
If you the status is continued you will need to bring extra documentation and/or retake the English and/or civic test. And if it has been declined you are simply not eligible for citizenship
But if granted the process shall contin
4th step which is the oath of allegiance and lastly you shall receive your certificate of naturalization
With all of this comes the full understanding of our new rights and responsibilities as mentioned by the website , “While some of these responsibilities are legally required of every citizen, all are important to ensure the continued vitality of our country and democracy.”
(“Understanding U.S.Citizenship” 10 Steps to Naturalization,

In conclusion,
The legal immigration process is lengthy and often overlooked or not mentioned ,but now you are able to form a better idea about the policies in place and the individuals themselves .
Today , we have discussed how to obtain naturalization , when coming to the united states with employment purposes: in order to achieve this the individual must get a visa, followed by their residency and finally the citizenship.
It is wise to always seek new knowledge , you all here are not quite “seeking”; yet received the benefit to just learn something new today.