Leaving your home and moving away from all your family and best friends is a stressful experience for some young people

Leaving your home and moving away from all your family and best friends is a stressful experience for some young people. It’s hard to be five hundred miles away from your family. It has its advantages and disadvantages. It can happen to anyone at any time for many reasons.

At first, Did you ever ask yourself why do people leave their homes? Some teenagers move away to learn. For instance, they live in a place next to their university to provide more time and more effort. Moreover, this also helps them to count on themselves. Some people move away to get a job that can help them to gain experience and the money that they need. Other people might leave their hometown to be in a better place that has more activities and places to have fun in. Homeschooling, Parents apply to home schools for their children they think it’s a good idea and they will have a good learning culture, however, they may go through a hard time and face difficulties.

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Gaining experience is one of the best advantages of moving away. This experience can change your life as a person and teach you how to deal with the changes. It also can develop you from a young man into a mature person that can deal with life difficulties, furthermore, when you live on your own you can acquire self-independence. In the same way, Moving away exposes new ideas, communities and dealing with strangers. Finally, moving away does not mean that we don’t love our hometown, contrariwise, it makes us miss our hometown and whenever we visit it on holidays it becomes more meaningful.

However although, all of these advantages and positive sides for moving, But there are still many concerns and hurdles that stand on the way of who wants to move. For example, there is a difference between the cultures, every country has its own culture. Where people get used to some habits that are difficult to adapt to or cope with. Furthermore, that sense of loneliness felt by a person who moves. In my opinion, this is the great downside of moving away from home and family. In addition to, the cost of living is considered as a burden. Which cannot be exceeded until after a period?

As I have noted, if you are willing to move away just think of the wisely before you take this decision. Gather the advantages and the disadvantages and see what is better for you. and what will help you to get a better job, future, and relations? Just appreciate your home.