Language is the foundation of this life through which we can recognize the world and be communicate

Language is the foundation of this life through which we can recognize the world and be communicate. In my personal visibility, language is acquisition, not learned .Because the child when born he maybe know and hear all that happened when he was in the mother’s belly such as the different sounds.First period the is born we only see him look at us and cry and then smile, This happens as a pattern and then continues with the precocious years .wherefore they acquire language in phases and at the same time notice every thing that happens. It looks at the envelopes of our characters, our movements and our voices. They gain over the language speedily and easily. This happens In a spontaneous manner because its not supposed to teach. They see his parents Talk to them. That’s a very active role. observed that children who never talk can not speak the language. For example, My cousin cannot talk in right way and do not give words because no body communicates with him and After a period of time, his family will communicate with him and provide him with custody for that child need to contact to discover his first language and over the time child will start to play and get about and I consider that playing is necessary for the development of the language so when they communicate with the parent and play with him, the child will start to speak very simple words such as Baba speak B, Ba, Baa and then Baba and we comprehend the word, but we’re trying to solve it. wrong so it only acquires language and don’t learn when he enters four years old and begin to going to kindergarten start to learn his first language by listen to children and practitioners he enjoy with them, he start to join and talk with them and then when he go to school and begin to learn the first language also focus on grammar. He understands the first language very well and over time begin to learn his language and with time the second language in schools at first feels like something strange but gradually learns it gradually And understood through the teachers and effectiveness and some see that their first English language because it was their discovery and the first they heard it also communicate with their parents in this language..