Josie stollings English Bermuda triangle Have you ever heard of the Bermuda triangle before

Josie stollings
Bermuda triangle

Have you ever heard of the Bermuda triangle before? Maybe you’ve heard some stories that might suggest it may be something alien controlling the unusually high rate of airplane and boat crashes in the area. The Bermuda triangle is somewhat of a mythical area in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Many people believe that this area has a paranormal or extraterrestrial side to it, do to the unusually high crash rate. But others believe that its just a coincidence.

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First, lets start with some theories that people have about the Bermuda triangle. First theory, the Bermuda triangle is some part of extraterrestrial life. Some people believe that aliens have picked the triangle as a place to capture people who travel in the area to do test on them. This theory is defiantly one of the most evident lacking ones. There basically is none.

The next theory is the Methane Gas Theory, “a large amount of methane gas is known to exist below the ocean floor trapped in the sediments in form of methane hydrates. If such gas finds its way out and starts rising through the water, it can significantly reduce the density of water in that area. And ships passing over that area can sink in no time. Such gas release can also create explosions and saturate the atmosphere with methane gas causing planes to crash”(bhattachanya).
So this theory is defiantly one that anyone could believe, it has plenty of evidence to support its case. Plus it doesn’t have anything that unexplainable. Like the first theory about the aliens.

Another theory is that the airplanes and ships just got turned around do to the slight difference in true north and a compasses north. “magnetic and absolute North are not the same. Which means that the north where a compass points and the absolute geographic north which is the north pole are different. So ships need to make adjustment for this difference to keep to the right direction. But in Bermuda Triangle, there is a narrow strip where both these North’s become the same. Some claim that such Compass Variation could have been the cause for fatal accidents as ships failed to determine the correct direction”(bhattachanya).So what this means is that this place can confuse even the most trained pilot or captain.

Another crazy but popular theory is that its all the because the lost city of Atlantis. “The Atlantis story talks about some under water rock formations on the ocean floor which is known as the Bimini Road. These rocks are located near the coast of Bimini island in the Bahamas. Famous psychic Edgar Cayce once predicted that eventually this city of Atlantis will be discovered and the Bimini Road will be found. In fact researchers did find stones and other formations in this area in 1968, but called them natural occurring”(bhattachanya). So if these rocks are actually the cities roads then the story also talks about how the city had advanced technology.

“The legend says that the city of Atlantis heavily depended on some special energy crystals which were extremely powerful. Those crystals radiated huge amounts of energy (also known as death rays) and caused the navigational instruments of passing ships and airplanes to malfunction. As a result they would have been lost or sometimes get completely destroyed by the sheer power of the energy”(bhattachanya).