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Jasveen Singh
Ms.HargroveDisadvantages and advantages of online shopping
Over the past few years many people have decided to shop online rather than go to the stores and buy the supplies they need to buy. This could mean that many jobs in grocery stores or gaming stores could be lost, because there won’t be customers that want to wait in line and find the produce or video games they need or that they want to buy on that day. Young adults growing up who want to go to college, but can’t afford the money to buy their textbooks or pay for class will have a hard time to do when they are looking for jobs.
People use the Internet almost everyday and online shopping has made a strong impact everywhere we go, whether it is finding the food you want delivered or it could be checking your social media to see what is new in the market. Online shopping has made it easier for grown ups or teenagers that don’t like waiting in lines to buy the specific item they need. Teenagers don’t like it when they’re in a rush to get from place to place. As we explore the Internet more often we have started to notice how much it is changing and there have been more updates on how we use our cell phones, because there have been applications that we can download on our phones to see what we want to order or what we would like to eat from the online menus.
There have been issues recently with UPS employees. When we see that people are shopping online and getting there packages delivered, some of the packages are labeled fragile and UPS employees are throwing the packages in front of the door. There have been multiple packages broken and torn up, because of that people don’t like to shop online and they don’t know if they can trust their employees.

We have started to notice that many younger kids would rather buy groceries online as well, instead of spending hours at the store picking what is best for them. As you are spending money on different sites, you won’t know which sites are the safest to spend your money, because there have been people accused of online fraud, because there have been many people who put there credit card information online and don’t know which website is the safest too purchase. When you go to the grocery store you can look at how much quantity of the food you need to buy along with looking at the quality of the product too see if the food has gone bad or too check how clean it looks. There are also websites that send viruses and notice what websites you have visited that you bought from a store online that can slow down your computer.

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Unfortunately not everything we purchase looks the same when we get the produce or the t-shirt we got delivered at home. The product could not be the exact size you ordered and it wouldn’t be looking the way you wanted it to for where you want to go somewhere that day, nor could it be the right color for the outfit you decided to wear that day. Whether it is a dress or a big screen TV the feeling of having it at home does not provide you with the feeling of excitement that you had it exactly the day you decided to get.
Many people are stuck at home using their laptops including young adults that don’t study at home or get out of the house often. Which could be bad for there health. When people don’t like going outside for no reason can be not healthy and can cause obesity without getting active and moving around from place to place. Maybe meeting up with friends for lunch and enjoying a beautiful day by driving to shopping outlet, getting out of the house, maybe stopping for lunch and enjoying peace and quiet to enjoy your thoughts would be helpful.
Shopping in stores provides you with the ability to travel outs your local area. You can walk from store to store at your own pace. You may even spot something for a close friend or someone in your family that you might be interested in giving too. For those who are online shopping. For you to look at the merchandise in all of the store locations online you would have to visit over hundreds of different sites too look for that cheapest shirt or the nicest dress. Many costumers like to explore before purchasing any particular product from different sites, which offers different prices and different offers from other sites, which can be difficult to do with the amount of hours of time you will be spending.