J Sainsbury plc

J Sainsbury plc (Sainsbury’s) is one of the nation’s oldest retailers founded in London in 1869 (Sainsbury’s ; Boswell, 1969). This retailer with a long tradition is the third largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom (UK) with its market share approximately 16% (Shannon, 2011). Sainsbury’s primarily provides groceries and marginally it is interested in property and banking.
The aim of this article is to analyse whether Sainsbury’s is worth investing in at the market price. Secondly, an evaluation of the market position will be provided along with future prospects.
A case study on Sainsbury’s and Morrisons will be used as a research design in order to investigate the trends and future prospects for the companies. This research design was chosen in order to answer the question whether it is worth investing in Sainsbury’s at the market price. Various ratios were taken into a consideration. All the used formulas and calculations are provided in the Appendix.