It was going to be a tough fight

It was going to be a tough fight. I had faced each one of my opponents individually before, but never together. I couldn’t focus on the battle, thousands of thoughts were rushing through my mind: The altercation I just had with my best friends, my recent loss in the tennis tournament…

I stepped into the ring. The battle had begun, my adversaries circled around me as if it was a game. Why wouldn’t it be for them? I had lost against “Stress” in 2016, and was defeated by “Overweight” the following year. My rivals kept on dancing around, until “Stress”, threw the first punch. I leaned backwards and luckily evaded the blow. I suddenly realized that “Overweight” was charging towards me, and suddenly felt an elbow slamming into my jaw. The world started to dip and bobble. I was ready to give up, when the voice of my friends rang in my head: “You can do it!”. I looked over and there they were, cheering for me despite the conflict we were in. I stood straight, my eyes bulging with determination. I then noticed that my friends from the soccer and volleyball team came to support me, their captain. I had everyone by my side, the only true obstacle now was myself.

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I threw my arm forward, landing a hit that knocked “Overweight” into the ropes of the ring. I looked to my right and saw my tennis and gym coaches side by side. They were looking at me with proud eyes, giving me courage to win this fight once and for all. My opponents were both charging again, each one throwing a punch at me. I ducked under both of them, and threw a kick I had learned in a Taekwondo class, hitting “stress”, that flew backwards towards “Overweight”. They crashed into each other and laid on the floor unconscious.

I had done it; after two years of struggle I managed to defeat my toughest opponents : “Stress” and “Overweight”. I was in a happy place; confident about myself, managing between sports and studies, and surrounded by amazing people.