It is my pleasure to recommend David

It is my pleasure to recommend David, who I taught in Publicity carreer. DAvid demonstrated tremendous effort and growth throughout his career and brought a great energy and maturity to class. He has that combination of a positive attitude and the belief that he can always impr,

David’s personal strengths are as impressive as his intellectual accomplishments. he’s an active, outgoing presence in class with a great sense ofmaturity and humor. David’s the perfect person to get a group project rolling, but he also knows how to sit back and let others take the lead. His cheerful nature and openness to feedback means he’s always learning and growing as a learner, an impressive strength that will continue to serve his well at university and beyond. David is just the kind of driven, engaging, and curious student that helped make our classroom a lively environment and safe place to take intellectual risks.

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Throughout the years, David demonstrated this openness to and empathy for the opinions, feelings, and perspectives of others, along with shrewd powers of observation, all qualities that makes his outstanding as a student of publicity and designer.

I am certain that David is going to continue to do great and creative things in his future. I highly recommend him for admission to your program. He is talented, caring, intuitive, dedicated, and focused in his pursuits. David consistently seeks out constructive feedback so he can improve his skills, which is a rare and impressive quality in a university student. David is truly a stand-out individual who will impress everyone he meets.

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