Is it cruel to keep animals in cages

Is it cruel to keep animals in cages?
How would you like it if you were locked away in a tiny cage 24/7 in which are barely able to walk around in? It would make your life miserable. Imagine never getting to walk around or play on the grass. This is what it is like for hundreds or maybe even thousands of poor innocent animals all around the globe. This is a form of abuse and it needs to stop now.
Firstly, health and hygiene are two very important reasons as to why large animals shouldn’t be kept in tiny cages. The small cages that many animals are kept in become very dirty very quickly and bacteria will grow and it is likely that the animals will become sick. When animals such as pigs and chickens are packed into a cage they can get sicknesses from each other and can hardly move to get the nutrients they need to be healthy.