introduction = many people believe that pollution has the major problem in India

introduction = many people believe that pollution has the major problem in India. I strongly agree with the idea and also it universally accepted that pollution is the main problem behind the different types of disease.we all are ignoring that.we should take a seriously it only because of saving future and healthy environment for the upcoming generation. today 60% diseases percolate by pollution and we should think about this.

body= firstly there is a different type of pollution that harmful to us. like water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution etc different types of pollution. recently I read the newspaper and magazine then I know about one more pollution that is plastic pollution. plastic pollution also danger pollution that affected our underground water and also affected our land soil forest area…one more major problem occur in India.ted

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example=if we use plastic more than needed than it affected our underground water which is not good for us. our government should take serious step regarding pollution they should launch any scheme that helps to decreases all type of pollution.research has found that 60%-70% disease spread by pollution and pollution is the main problem that affected human health and environment
one more example of plastic pollution has the type:-1) macro plastic pollution 2)microplastic pollution
in short, we have to take a decision that helps to decrease any type of pollution

conclusion:-all things consider its type to save India from harmful pollution and government have to stop that factory which has not good for the human body and their health.because human have rights to a healthy environment that describes our Indian constitution. These all are the assumes attribute it all depends on person to person.