INTRODUCTION ABOUT THE STUDY A market survey is a research technique used to gather consumer preferences and purchase motive of a company’s products and services within a geographical area


A market survey is a research technique used to gather consumer preferences and purchase motive of a company’s products and services within a geographical area. Market survey is very significant because companies study what their customers like or dislike about their particular products and services. Primary research involves picking original data about taste and preferences, buying behaviour, opinions and attitudes of current prospective customers. This data can be gathered in focus groups, survey and field tests. Secondary research is depend on existing data from reference books, magazines and newspapers, industry publications, Websites, government agency or trade associations. It gives data about industry sales trends and growth rates, demographic profiles, and regional business statistics.

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Customer satisfaction is a theory that more companies are putting at the heart of their policy, but for this to be successful, they are needs to be clarity about what customer satisfaction means and what needs to happen to bring development.


The study can be conduct if there is any problem. This study is under taken to know whether the customers of Shree Siddhivinayak Honda are satisfied with two wheelers and its services or not.

Thus, the statement of problem for this study is:

“A Study on Customer Expectation and Satisfaction level towards two – wheeler of
Shree Siddhivinayak Honda in Rajkot city.”


After globalizations, number of two wheeler markets has entered Indian Market. New companies have been set up with foreign, especially Japanese Collaboration by already established companies. Honda motors Japan has establish supplementary company at Gurgaon, Indian to recommend state of the art Honda two wheelers to Indian makes Honda motors with its extensive product variety has achieved a honourable market shine with strong dealer network and outstanding after sales services.

Even though there is waiting period for some products, some are available across the shelf dealership are upon not only at metros, but also at urban and semi urban areas. This is to provide quick after sales services. It has opened class of art show rooms and workshops at all the places.

There is a requirement to learn to hard work put in by the Company, Dealers and Service network to learn the amount to which customers are satisfied with the product, service and cognate services etc. Therefore, it is important to survey the Customer Satisfaction levels of Shree Siddhivinayak Honda with respect to the product performance, after sales services and other related services like finance facility, ease of use of spares and accessories etc.


Today lots of competition in two-wheeler industries faced by marketer, so every marketer must be know the consumer preference about two-wheeler and provide according to their needs. This research measures the different aspect of consumer preferences, which are help and provide suggestions to those decisions.

• To find out the element which are consider by consumer while purchase of two-wheeler.

• To demonstrate the perception of consumer about different Honda two-wheeler.

• To know the image of Siddhivinayak Honda in the mind of consumer.

• To learn the customer handling practice before the sale, during sale and after sale and assesses the satisfaction levels of customers.

• To give suggestion for improving the customer satisfaction.


This research was carried out to find factors which affect customer satisfaction level at maximum level. The study indicates that customer satisfaction level change with the change in various factors like during sales, after sales and after sales services. This research is an attempt to provide feedback or we can say suggestion to Shree Siddhivinayak Honda to understand their customer’s satisfaction level. So they can bring about change in various department of the showroom which will help them in becoming number 1 motorcycle dealer in particular state.


A research process involves steps that guide the project from its conception through the ultimate analysis, recommendation and ultimate actions. The research procedure offers an organized, planned approach to the research project and ensures that all dimensions of the research project are well-suited with each other.

Research studies develop through a various steps, each indicating the answer to the key questions.

Throughout the entire project the emphasis was to check the Satisfaction level of the customers towards Siddhivinayak Motors and their views and perception about the same. Finally the survey was done by taking the response from the customers.


First demanding secondary research to understand the full effects and implication of the industry, to observe and analyze the industry models and reports, on which particular problems shall be selected, which feel’s stay unanswered or accountable to change, this shall be more taken up in the next stage of research.


In these survey two types of Data gathering method is used:
1. Primary data collection
2. Secondary data collection

• Primary data collection method-
Primary data is the data in which the researcher gathers information by different methods such as personal interviews, surveys, asking questionnaires etc., to support the secondary data. Primary data collected in this project is using the questionnaire.


• Secondary data collection method-
Secondary data is the data gathered by someone other than the researcher. General sources of secondary data for research, managerial records and data collected via qualitative methodologies or qualitative research. Secondary data can obtain through:
– Internet
– Book
– Reference from 6th semester’s Marketing Management Subject (Module – 3 Buying Behaviour of Customers)


Data collection takes place by filling of questionnaires. The questionnaire method has come to the further broadly used and economical way of gathering the information. The general thing in all varieties of the questionnaire method is this dependence on verbal response to the questions, written or oral. I found it essential to make sure that I explain the each question so that they can answer the questionnaire. It was also significant as associate to respect the customer’s time and energy therefore the questionnaire was structured in such a way, that it would not exceed 4 to 5 minutes.

The firsthand information was collected by making the people answer the question. The primary information was gathering by directly interact to the people. The persons were contacted at the showrooms of Siddhivinayak Honda. The data was collected by interacting with 100 respondents who gave the answer of questions and gave me the required necessary information and I also describe the reason behind some particular point in Data analysis and Interpretation.


Sampling is a process of obtaining. The data collection about the whole population by examines a part of it. The usefulness of the research depends on the sample size considered for the survey of consumer.

(A) Population:-
The survey was conducted in Rajkot city and Gondal and near around villages because the showroom is located near Gondal Chowkdi. So many people come to buy from Gondal town and villages which are not so far from Rajkot.

(B) Sampling Unit:-
It means who is to be surveyed. Here target population is decided and it is the customer of Siddhivinayak Honda.

(C) Sample size:-
For the objective of accurate survey, there is require of perfect research instrument to find out sample size for more truthful result about buying behaviour towards two-wheeler. The sample size is 100 Customer of the Siddhivinayak Honda.

(D) Sample Element:-
The sample element of research is customer of Siddhivinayak Honda.


In this study the research instrument is Questionnaire. It involves various question presented to customers.

The questionnaire is structured and combinations of various questions. Information gathering is a significant portion of any kind of research study. Incorrect data collection can influence the results of a study and ultimately guide to unacceptable results. The data was analyzed and interpreted in the form of graph and pie- charts.


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