I work for UPM Raflatac part of Finnish company United Paper Mills and we produce self-adhesive laminate stock (sticky labels) for our customers, mainly printers. We are an open and honest company focused on Safety, Quality and Efficiency through continual improvement
I work in a factory environment on shifts as a Team leader on the shop-floor. I work alongside another leader and together we manage 16 people across various slitting and packing machines in our department to ensure the product is despatched safely, with the highest quality and as efficiently as possible.
I am also a stand-in for the Shift Team Leader who is responsible for the site out of hours and all production departments on a daily basis.

1.1 Explain the importance of the team having a common sense of purpose that supports the overall vision and strategy of the organisation.
A common sense of purpose in our organisation is key as it brings everyone together from the bottom to the top. This can then reflect to customers in assurance of the brand, of the quality and reliability of the product. Other factors are:
• Making everyone feel like they are valued and that they play an important role in the company regardless of position.
• Buy in from all when required as part of continual improvement.
• Makes standardising operating procedures easier to implement and when encouraging important team work.
• Makes employees feel more inclined to go beyond the minimum and put ion outstanding effort but also feel happy with the work environment and financial reward.

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1.2 Explain the role that communication plays in establishing a common sense of purpose.
Communication is key to build trust within the team, it can make all levels of the organisation feel like they are all working towards the same goal from the lower levels through to management. The communication needs to be regular and timely to be effective and it gives employees the opportunity to ask questions and be felt that they are heard. Care must be taken to ensure the content being shared is appropriate as some information can have an adverse effect on the team.
1.3 Assess the effectiveness of own communication skills on the basis of the above.
I have been able to assess my own communication skills through feedback from my manager and Peer’s and also through my 360 report.
I have an energetic and positive approach to my work and this is visible when communicating making people believe in what I am saying. I have found that I speak much more clearly and convey the message better than I thought from the general feedback although one comment was that I ‘should be more confident when speaking’ so one area to work on is consistency. I am a good listener who is able to show respect and empathy encouraging two way conversation between all which also helps believability when communicating.
In our organisation we communicate daily through briefs on the shopfloor where I will always give the opportunity for 2 way conversation to raise any issues. We also communicate thorough monthly Cell briefs as a group away from the shopfloor to discuss items in more depth, through company meetings twice yearly where the site manager will communicate information on the business and forward plans and through twice yearly 1 to 1 meetings with all employees.