Intro: Maintaining a safe classroom and providing a healthy environment and learning experience for the children in my care are important as an educator in early childhood.It is important to me for the children in my care to grow,develop,and learn.I will provide paragraphs on 3 functional areas below.

CSI A:Menu
Since my learning center doesn’t provide lunch I got a lunch menu from Pre-K for SA.The menu provided shows well balanced meals and gives the children options for both breakfast and lunch what I like about the menu is that it shows if it contains pork or if its vegetarian. I also like that the children receive juice or milk for breakfast and for lunch they have a vegetable and fruit of the day.

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CSI B: Room Environment
The learning environment in my classroom is welcoming and provides a daily schedule and sets the expectation of routines, promotes engagement,play and exploration.
The classroom also meets age appropriate centers and child level signage and diversity. My classroom also has a quiet area away from noisy play areas with books and a journal for writing.It also has a nature collage so children can quietly create a collage out of nature items they collected while outdoors.I would add challenging materials to my centers to keep the children engaged in activities.

CSI C: Weekly Plan
The lesson plan in my classroom provides activities centered around the children’s needs and interests it also provides the 9 learning experiences in early childhood. The preschool I work at is a nature based setting and have child led activities.The Teacher and I provide outdoor activities since majority of our day is spent outdoors.In the classroom we also provide a daily schedule at child level so the children know what is next and what is expected in the classroom