VLCC International LLC


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Title Page Number
1. Acknowledgement 3
2. Internship Completion Letter 4
3. Executive Summary 5
4. Introduction 6 – 12
5. Methodology 13 – 15
6. Literature Review 16 – 18
7. Recommendations 19
8. Conclusion 20
9. References 21


The internship opportunity I had with VLCC International LLC was a wonderful opportunity for
learning and professional improvement. I am thankful for giving me this chance to meet so many
people and professionals who drove me through this internship period
Bearing in mind the previous, I take this opportunity to express the deepest gratitude to Mr
Subramaniam Rajangam who took time out of his busy schedule to hear, guide and keep me on
the right way and allowing me to carry out the project in their reputed organization.
I would also like to thank the entire Human Resource team who have been nothing but a constant
support & giving necessary advice and guidance and arranged all facilities to make it easier. I pick
this minute to recognize their commitment thankfully.
I also would express my sincere gratitude to my internship mentor and supervisor Dr Shahina, for
her sincere efforts throughout this journey. I extend my gratitude to Mr Yashovardhan and Mr
Sumeet for giving me this wonderful opportunity to learn and also to my friends and family for
providing me with the motivation to strive.
I see this as a major turning point in my career and I will endeavor to use the information and
capacities I learnt in the best way and keep on working on myself to do better in order to
accomplish the needed career objective.
Taniya Baby




This report aims to describe the various roles I had to undertake during my three month internship period with
VLCC International LLC as a requirement of my MBA program. As I was completely new to the corporate
world setting, each day with the company was a learning experience for me.

The report begins with the company profile, which tells us about the what type of business this is and about
their objectives. their CSR policy and corporate wellness. Further, the topics covered include: Literature
review, the methodology, talks about my internship period and the various tasks I was given during the three
months. This is followed by a little bit about the founder.

By engaging in the tasks that were given to me and by communicating with various people, I have gained an
understanding of how the corporate works and also enhanced my personal skills.

Being with VLCC, it has created a pathway into my professional career as to what I want to do and how I
should achieve it. This internship period was definitely a learning experience for me.



Guided by our motto ‘Transforming Lives’, the VLCC Group seeks to spark self-transformation, spread
happiness and imbibe every individual with wellness for life. Founded by Mrs Vandana Luthra in 1989,
these three mantras stand tall as the company’s pillars of strength. VLCC is widely recognized for its weight
loss and beauty solutions. The company has made its name in the industry for its scientific and therapeutic
approach toward its offerings, be it wellness services or personal care products, and more. Today, VLCC has
the largest scale and breadth of operations within the beauty and wellness services industry in India and
abroad. They have expanded to four main business wings, Wellness, Personal Care Products, Vanity Cube
and Institute. With a staff strength of over 4,000 professionals, including medical doctors, nutritionists,
physiotherapists and cosmetologists, and having served over five million consumers, VLCC is a category
leader with the leading market share and number of company-owned outlets in the Indian beauty and wellness
services market. VLCC has revolutionized the wellness industry to acquire the status of being the Number 1
Wellness Brand across South Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East, with a presence in over 300 locations
across 121 cities and 16 countries with direct company managed operations in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh,
Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait. VLCC Institutes of Beauty ;
Nutrition that have grown to become India largest chain of vocational education academies in the beauty and
nutrition training segment with 69 campuses, training nearly 10,000 students annually and offering courses in
multiple disciplines. The company has leveraged it’s exclusive consumer database, and our insight into
evolving beauty and wellness needs to build and grow a diversified product portfolio in-house, through our
Subsidiary VLCC Personal Care Limited and market over 169 skincare, haircare, body care, functional foods
and fortified foods products under the VLCC Natural Science, SkinMTX, BelleWave and Enavose brands,
to name a few, which are not only used as consumables in treatments and therapies at VLCC Wellness Centers
but are also retailed through over 72,000 outlets in India, apart from retail outlets in 20 countries. The beauty
and wellness industry in India and other parts of the world has been on a growth trajectory, and we are at the
forefront serving the beauty and wellness needs of over five million consumers, including both women and
men. 1


Core Values2
? We will be fair, ethical and open towards our customers, employees and vendors.
? We will show positive regard and respect for each other.
? We will encourage entrepreneurial spirit when it contributes to learning and innovation.
? We will surpass our customer expectations.
? We will strive to constantly improve ourselves to deliver the best, be seen as the best and be the best.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy3
While the progress of a society depends on the businesses that thrive in its environment, the success of a
business to depends on the stability of that society. The wellbeing of one depends directly on the well-being
of the other. Thus, corporates need to understand and redefine their roles in order to fulfil their social
responsibilities. They need to look beyond government-initiated development programs and take charge of
directing initiatives aimed towards improving the health and standard of living of their community.
Following this ideology, we, at VLCC define the initiative of fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibility
along two broad parameters. The first is by directly contributing towards the eradication of obesity and
educating the populace about the menace that it is, and secondly by supporting institutions that are committed
to improving the well-being of underprivileged sections of the society.
We believe that beauty is inherent in each and every soul and that everyone can shine in a just and fair society,
where equal opportunity would not simply be a dream. The ‘VLCC Foundation' is a small step towards
realizing this vision. This Foundation undertakes activities for the development of local communities and
works in association with various NGOs across India to transform lives. Besides a beauty training school run
at Sangam Vihar, the group has lent its support to various social initiatives such as causes supported by non-
profit organizations and disaster relief like Tsunami, amongst others.
2 3


The ‘VLCC Foundation' runs various programs to provide health and education support to the
underprivileged. It also aids rehabilitation schemes for the physically challenged. The Foundation regularly
organizes health check-up camps that offer services including cardiology, gynaecology and diabetes, amongst
Through the VLCC Foundation, we have also embarked on a drive to raise funds both directly and through
our network to offer monetary support to trusted NGOs that have a consistent record of deploying funds
fruitfully into projects aligned with the national objective of eradicating poverty.
Corporate Wellness4
corporate reflects the well-being of a nation, and quality of human capital is an important contributor to the
growth of any corporate. Preventive health care holds enormous promise for the competitiveness of
companies and for the country’s economy in the global arena. In an era when the service sector is gaining pre-
eminence, the value of the individual employee has increased more than ever before. Employees with
specialized skills are the focal point, on whose well-being and performance the productivity of a company
rests. In our bid to spread the message of preventive health care, we have formulated a ‘Corporate Wellness
Program’, where we reach out to various executives working in a Corporate, conduct a complete wellness
check, and guide them to lead a healthy lifestyle.
VLCC Corporate Wellness Program, a stairway to a worksite wellness would benefit your organization by:
? Decreased rates of illness and injuries
? Reduced employee absenteeism
? Improved employee relations and morale.
? Increased productivity



As part of this program, we would be evaluating the wellness quotient of all the executives working in an
organization, and bring awareness on the benefits of healthy living by the group as well as personalized
activities/ counselling.


? Lose Weight – Customized weight loss treatment for guaranteed results.
? Lose Inches – Get rid of excess fat and sculpt your body with inch loss treatments.
? Discover Younger Skin – Turn back time with non-invasive anti-ageing solutions.
? Say Goodbye Acne – Our anti-acne treatments soothe and heal for a blemish-free skin
? Radiate Your Essence – Visibly clearer and lighter skin with skin whitening treatments.
? No Dark Circles – Bring the focus back to your beautiful eyes with Eyenergy.
? Beauty Enhancing Facials – Lasting results and targeted care with scientific Swiss-based
beauty facials.
? Stop Hair Fall – Restore your crowning glory with treatments for hair fall.
? Fight Dandruff – Get rid of embarrassing dandruff with our anti-dandruff treatment.
? Painless Laser Hair Removal – Smooth hair-free skin is within our state-of-the-art laser
? Peel Away Imperfections – Clear up dull skin and revitalize your complexion with peels.
? Reduce Fine Lines ; Wrinkles – Add volume and minimize wrinkles with dermal fillers
and Botox.



Vandana Luthra, born on 12 July 1959 is an Indian business visionary and the founder of VLCC
Health Care Ltd, a beauty and wellness conglomerate present in Asia, the GCC and Africa. She is
additionally the chairperson of the Beauty and Wellness Sector Skill Council. This is upheld by
the administration of India and offers abilities preparing for the beauty industry. Luthra adequately
helps the underprivileged and the physically tested by giving them awards to free education.

She is Vice Chairperson of the NGO, Khushii, which has ventures like a remedial school with mid-
day meal facility which caters to about 3000 children, telemedicine centres and vocational training
facility. She is an individual from Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga and of the Steering
Committee and the Sub-Committee formed by India’s Ministry of Skill Development and
Entrepreneurship on the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana5. She is a supporter of the Amar
Jyoti Charitable Trust, which spearheaded the idea of instructing youngsters with and without
disability from nursery to class VIII. The Trust currently has more than 800 children in its two


Luthra began VLCC in 1989, as a beauty and slimming services centre in Safdarjung Development
Area, New Delhi. VLCC has a solid national and universal presence. It offers weight management
and beauty programs (skin, body and hair care treatments and advanced dermatology and
cosmetology solutions). VLCC’s weight-management solution include a one of a kind DNA-based
weight management framework to alter weight loss plans for an individual.



VLCC has the biggest scale and breadth of activities inside the beauty and wellness services
industry in India.

With more than 4,000 employees, including nutrition consultants, medical professionals,
physiotherapists, cosmetologists and beauty experts, VLCC is a pioneer in the Indian beauty and
wellness industry by market share. The organization works its product business through its
auxiliary, VLCC Personal Care Limited in India and GVig in Singapore, which it obtained in
September 2013. Now, its GMP-guaranteed fabricating plants are arranged at Haridwar, India and

The organization makes and markets 170 hair care, skin care and body care items alongside
fortified and functional nourishments that are consumed in-house (in medications and treatments
at VLCC Wellness Centers). These items are additionally sold through 100,000 outlets in India,
more than 10,000 outlets over the GCC locale and South East Asia and through online business
channels. VLCC likewise works vocational training organizations called the VLCC Institute of
Beauty and Nutrition that have developed to wind up India’s biggest chain with 73 grounds in 55
urban communities crosswise over India and one in Nepal. The foundations prepare about 10,000
understudies yearly and offer courses in different disciplines.


? Develop and enhance business skills in communication, innovation, quantitative thinking,
and teamwork.
? Meet professionals who can give direction, criticism, and support.
? Observe and take an interest in business activities and basic leadership.
? Develop a strong hard working attitude and professional demeanour and in addition a
promise to ethical and social responsibility.
? To maintain a positive attitude towards work and people.
? To be able to work under pressure and successfully attain the objectives and targets.
? Expand the network of professional connections and contacts.
? Developing the ability to tackle the toughest of problems.

? Familiarization
At first, I was asked to spend a couple of days in knowing and understanding the group flow
and above all to comprehend what the organization deals with and the kind of duties and
workload due deadlines. Human Resource is an essential piece of the organization. It was
intriguing yet difficult to catch the procedure, however, as an intern, it took a while but once
I got the hang of it, it was flourishing to be a part of the team. Being in the department that
includes being there for the people, gave me huge fulfilment.

? Implementation
Being an intern there were a few tasks under different domains that must be administered
which included various due dates and communication framework. The errands ran from
working together with different employees of a few divisions having diverse backgrounds
taking care of undertakings differently. In the span of three months, I was asked to handle a
variety of tasks which including HR operations and also a little bit of recruiting.


? Work Profile
Position Title: Human Resource – Intern
Reporting To: Senior Manager – HR & Compliance
Department: Human Resource
Location: United Arab Emirates
Job Purpose: To understand in detail the process and importance of Human Resource by
getting involved in various tasks that gives an insight into the working of this department.
Key Accountabilities: Being an intern I was asked to handle a variety of tasks such as :
? Managing the HRnet system – Creating employee codes, changing the approver,
resetting the passwords & activation of accounts, extracting various reports, making
amendments (creation & verification), updating bank details etc.
? Maintaining employee personnel files.
? Recruitment – Scheduling interviews & conducting telephonic interviews of suitable
? Maintain a record of the joiners & leavers every week.
? Issuance of letters – No objections certificates, salary transfer letters, salary
certificate letters, offer letters, experience certificates etc.
? Sending birthday emails.

? Daily Office Routines
Day to day office schedules put duties and devotion to work on a first-hand basis.
Communication was viewed as a fundamental part of the organization, everything that must
be passed on or thought of was relayed upon the sender and receiver through different
communication channels, email and Skype for business is the best decisions. Everyday office
schedules likewise consolidated a social decorum attitude concerning welcome and meeting
new individuals, drawing in an inviting discussion. Every one of these deeds were little in
nature, however, I have seen that these deeds brought upon an immense grin on their faces


and consequently denotes the start of another friendship. The most imperative time was the
break time regardless of it being an ideal opportunity to fulfil hunger, it furnished a typical
stage to connect with workers of different ethnicities, backgrounds, age and so on and thusly
helped to give a fresher viewpoint of thought, next time the subject comes up.

? Daily Learnings
Each day at VLCC was certainly an insightful day with loads of space to learn and develop.
It gave a chance to comprehend myself better and see my fit in the business. It consistently
helped me with another ability be it as far as time administration or meeting with new
individuals and understanding why they adore, what they do. The involvement with VLCC
was exceptionally captivating and every day I was grinding away, it was dependably a stage
to gain some new useful knowledge. Every day was a new learning regardless of whether it
is to utilize MS Excel or research online for how to’s or even research to recognize what the
theme or task is about. My own learning has been the best, wherein I figure out how to
oversee time or mingle with employees from different ethnicities and backgrounds and this
experience has also helped me develop the right skill, confidence and attitude that is required
in the workplace.


? Internship Program at VLCC International LLC
VLCC helps students to get ready for the transition from school to work. Through the
Internship Program, they will be given the chance to watch and practice employability
aptitudes required at a work environment. Different objectives incorporate helping interns to
associate what they learn in the classroom with the information, attitudes and states of mind
required in the working environment. It additionally empowers interns to pick up the
learning, abilities and dispositions that are required at work while creating work preparation
aptitudes for particular occupations. A major part of the internship is committed to
comprehend the likenesses and contrasts in conduct norms between the work environment
and school.

? Intern Responsibilities
Internship responsibilities are obligatory for all students who are a part of the program and
is stringent to submit to the conduct principles and practices of the working environment. An
intern ought to comprehend the rights and obligations of the employees in the workplace and
meet the goals of the business. The expectations for the business could be limited to working
the days and long stretches of work routine as settled upon and also developing the
responsibility of informing the organization when unable to answer to work. All interns
should hold fast to all safety rules and regulations at the work site and will undoubtedly
advise the association promptly of any crises or issues presented to. In particular one ought
to keep up the work culture and morals while regarding the secret idea of data at work site

? Employer Responsibilities
The employers are an important part of giving a safe working and learning condition and
conveying an introduction to the student concerning long stretches of work, breaks, clothing
standard and boss expectations. Another part of the employee is to acquaint the student with


a clarification of the intern’s position and furthermore doling out a worker to regulate the
interns with the everyday exercises and calendar. The employer is to choose a position that
suits the student’s aptitudes and interests while enabling them to take an interest in a variety
of work exercises that help the training.

? Benefits to Students
Internships give an opportunity for students to excel in an organizational environment by
supporting the students with career-related understanding and increasing down to earth
learning by making a chance to investigate a diverse career path. It empowers students to
anchor a profitable work involvement for their resumes and a possibility to acquire academic
credits. In particular, it enables students to help self-assurance and apply classroom learning
techniques to a viable situation. Having an internship is one of the pathways to gain
references from colleagues or even a letter of proposal and along these lines displaying an
ideal expert system with a lot of scope in the potential future.

? Benefits to VLCC International LLC
Advantages to VLCC with an internship program and having individuals of various
backgrounds, ethnicities and age gatherings can give fresh ideas to business. Interns can
finish work moving at a moderate pace or hang on and increment the organizational
productivity. Also that with the innovation-driven condition, interns show abundant vitality
and thoughts. Interns come effortlessly with the advantages of low cost and they also perform
minor or routine errands concentrating on need work within reach. An internship could be
considered as a solid start to preparing an organization’s future workforce. Likewise, it
enables the mid-level to staff with an open door for a further career and self-growth. Besides,
it is evident that interns are exceptionally energetic to create quality work and stimulate a
work environment with eagerness and want to learn.


Work Completed
? Generating employee codes on HRnet system.
? Updating employee information from time to time.
? Creating employee files as per checklist.
? Issuance of letters – NOC for embassy & driving license, Salary certificate letter, Salary
transfer letter, Offer letter, Experience certificate.
? Activating personal account and resetting the password for employees and making sure
they receive the new password.
? Tending to queries of employees regarding account activation and letter creation.
? Following up with the centre heads after the technical assessment of the candidates.
? Sending birthday e-mails to the employees on their special day.
? Sourcing for candidates on various sites such as and
? Evaluating resumes and scheduling suitable candidates for interview.
? Collecting the necessary documents for visa processing.
? Completing new joiner formalities.
? Maintaining a record of the joiners and leavers every week.
? Conducting telephonic interviews.
? Updating bank details on the HRnet system.


? To provide more internship opportunities and programs.
? Allow newcomers to attend corporate meetings so as to get a better understanding of the
working of the corporate world.
? Organize social outings with the entire team to welcome the new team and make them more
? Include new team members for the activities so as to create a better work environment,
? Including more employee engagement activities.
? Provide feedback and appreciation constantly so as improve the performance of the
? Provide a work environment which involves fun activities which increases employee
engagement and reduce employee absenteeism
? Celebrate both financial and non-financial achievements.


In light of the internship experience, there’s significantly more to learn and accomplish to anchor
a situation in the organization and the experience has encouraged me to do more. As an intern, to
learn the methods for managing yourself and fit into the given tasks appears to be overwhelming,
but there’s a big potential and learning that one can appreciate working as an intern. Not to overlook
the abilities and knowledge, be it how little or complex, what matters is if it has the impact on
yourself. The job duration was challenging but also rewarding to obtain the best abilities and to
encourage learning about the various business etiquettes needed at the workplace. This experience
has moulded me into a better human being and also has helped me develop my skill and potential.
I have learned that patience is a virtue, being in the human resource department that is the one
thing you need the most. It was definitely a wonderful experience, being able to communicate and
acknowledge the various types of people from different backgrounds and ethnicities I encountered
during this internship period.
This was a learning for me, as I had no experience in the corporate world I did not know what to
expect. But all the employees made me feel comfortable and were a constant support throughout
this period.
The theoretical classroom knowledge has changed my understandings and critical thinking while
the internship experience has changed my working attitude and self-confidence. The realistic
working experience affected me more deeply than the theoretical knowledge. This was a wonderful
experience and I will continue to work hard in my position and hope to learn more about the
industry and meet new people.


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