Information systems are defined as “a combination of hardware

Information systems are defined as “a combination of hardware, software, data, business process, and functions, which are used to increase efficiency and management of organizations.” ( These systems are set up to receive information from internal and external data. After it is received it is stored on databases, until the information is needed. The data is then manipulated and output through documents, reports, or other responses. Information systems are made up of five components. First is hardware which are the main components of a system, for example its central processor, memory hierarchy or input software devices. After that there is the software. There are two kinds of software, system software and application software. System software is software that manages all the resources of a computer system. Application software assists users in doing their work. Third are databases, which are collections of data used by application software (Telecommunications). Fourth is human resources which are people who use information systems to maintain information. Finally, procedures which are policies and methods followed by people when using, operating, and maintaining information. Many types of information systems were setup by organizations to help organize and run their businesses. Some of these systems are transaction processing systems (TPS), which are used in online modes, “immediately processes firms business transaction”( ) Management reporting systems (MRS) provide basic information to managers. Professional support systems help you with tasks in various professions.
In 1991, Tim Barners Lee invented the world wide web. Through this many more online apps were invented like Google, Amazon, and online banking. The use of these services makes life and the ability to run a business much easier.