India is known by a lot of religions

India is known by a lot of religions. It is identified as the birth place of Hinduism and Buddhism, the third and fourth largest religions. About 85 percent of Indian population identifies as Hindus. There are a lot of traditions in India but some of them are listed below:-
Namaste is one of the most popular traditions of India. But nowadays it is not only restricted to the territories of India anymore. You could see Ban Ki-Moon greeting everyone with Namaste in New York on first International Yoga Day. Namaste also called ‘Namaskar’ or ‘Namskaara’ is one of the five traditional greetings mentioned in ancient Hindu Scriptures, The Vedas. It literally translates that ‘I bow to You’ and greeting each other it is also a way of saying ‘May our minds meet together.’ It is indicated by folded palms joined and placed before the chest. The word Namah can be split into two Sanskrit words that is
‘Na Ma'(meaning- not mine) to signify reduction of one’s ego in the presence of some another one.
There are a lot of ways to say NAMASTE in different languages.