In this report will we talk about the impacts of the Samsung and Wells Fargo Corporations ethical violation

In this report will we talk about the impacts of the Samsung and Wells Fargo Corporations ethical violation. The report will start to define the meaning of ethics and why do we need to control ethical violation in companies. After that, there will be an analysis for both corporations Samsung and Wells Fargo starting with discussing the background of Samsung scandal.
The report at the first centers around the ethical violation analysis of Samsung that arose in April 2013, and how was Samsung playing a dirty game with their competitors to get attention of customers. This is followed by recommendations where Samsung should have been fairer in doing business rather than playing dirty with their competitors. They should find another ethical way in marketing their products, where it can be done by monitoring the act of their employees in taking actions into their hands.
The foundation of the Wells Fargo scandal is then considered, how it came to fruition with the production of a huge number of false apparition accounts open by the bank without the assent of their customers. The following recommendation are then made regarding to Wells Fargo scandal, all banks (not Wells Fargo) alone ought to have a straight to the point and open talk about misrepresentation and acknowledges its reality instead of turning a blind eye. Also, inner approaches that identify and lessen misrepresentation and defilement ought to be presented. It is suggested that banks appoint an internal anti-fraud watchdog to make this, and completely indict instructing officials about misrepresentation and how it very well may be ceased. It is additionally suggested that banks set up an observation and checking offices through CCTV, as this is appeared to decrease the probability of fraud occurring.


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