In the twentieth century

In the twentieth century, the texture of the British society has deeply changed because of the immigration from the East and thanks to the attempts of Asian people to assimilate the British culture. One of the main aspects that has greatly changed is literature. This can easily be proved if we just have a quick review at the British Council’s Literature Internet site to have a clear and an accurate idea about the ethnic and cultural variety of the contemporary British literature.
Since the British society becomes multifaceted of the first and second generation immigrants, there becomes an urgent need for immigrant people to identify their own identities. Therefore,the concept of Britishness needs to be redefined. During this period , literature helps the immigrant writers prove their existence through their works , among them , there are Salman Rushdie’sMidnights Children ( 1981) , Zadie Smith’s White Teeth (1956) and Sam Selvon’s Lonely Londoners (1956) (Lente 54).