In the story “Peak Performance

In the story “Peak Performance: Why Records Fall” The author has suggested many opinions of psychologists that those who want to excel at certain things, sports or spiritual, then they should not neglect in practice and must to prepare. Also, he was arguing that practicing everything from chess to baseball and violin are showing more creativity than real competition. According to Goleman and many of the experts cited in this article that “extensive practices can break through barriers in mental capacities” (257.), such as improving short-term memory. According to Goleman, famous swimmers across the country begin training at an average age of ten, while those qualified for U.S Olympic teams start at an average age of seven. And besides, he argued that behind the record performance in a variety of sports or mental challenges is a non-stop training. Goleman has reported about those opinions and conclusions of many well-known psychologists in the United States. He cited those researchers to consider the nature and importance of practices related to performance, and he used historical evidence such as Adrian DeGroot’s demonstration of the Dutch martial arts in the 1940s that “Many chess masters could accurately reproduce a chess game they had looked at only 5 seconds” (259). However, where experts disagree, then Goleman can give definite answers to determining whether talents congenital or practices is of primary importance in achieving a “star performance.”