In the short story “The Perfect Match” the writer is focusing on a young working employee whose life is managed by technology

In the short story “The Perfect Match” the writer is focusing on a young working employee
whose life is managed by technology. In the story the character, named Sai, is assisted by a
ear piece that is linked to his phone. This little earpiece assists Sai in all day decisions. It
decides what Sai must eat, wakes him up and even choses Sai’s dates for him. Later in the
story Sai realizes that he makes a lot of decisions based on Tilly’s (the earpiece) advice. As it
progresses he realizes that he would’ve made a lot of his decisions differently if it wasn’t for
the influence caused by Tilly. This results in inner conflict and raises the question of
dependence on technology. The story raises great awareness of how easy one’s life can
become dependent on technology and that we as humans should be very careful to not fully
rely and base all our decisions on technological baselines. It is easy to give in without even
realizing is as this short story indicates.
Left Behind
“Left Behind” is about a girl named Shi that haters everything about her job. Shi’s boss is a
very rich man and at the beginning he gives her an interesting job. Shi decides to transform
into an 11 year old girl’s body, but with her normal brain. The whole story handles about
people transforming and changing into someone else and thereby creating false impressions
of who they really are. During this part of the story a sequence of unreal and fictionist
happenings occur that could rather seem quite unreal. Shi then wakes up realising that she
had worked so hard on her task that was given that she fell asleep. The story describes Shi’s
sleeping as sleeping under her virtual eyelids. The story at the end makes it clear that one
can get caught in the world of fiction and realise that we get so worked up on our computers
and phones that we sometimes forget that there is a world with endless possibilities out
there and that one should dream more and not get caught into the hyper real world.
Escape From Spiderhead
The above mentioned story handles about a guy named Jeff that is caught under a drug
called natuglide that results in a dr. Abnesti being in control of Jeff’s emotions and abilities.
During this episodes dr. Abnesti decides to let Jeff fall in love and out of love with 2 different
girls in one day. The story continues with these advanced scientific experiments where Jeff’s
emotions is manipulated by a drug. As a result the story focusses on the major effects and
results that these advanced drugs can cause and the dangerous possibilities that lies ahead
in the future. We’ve become so advanced that we can manipulate one’s believes by the use
of a drug and alter decisions that would be different under normal circumstances. This is
illustrated in the story as Jeff goes on an emotional roller coaster and experiences the fear of
manipulation and alteration of certain advanced drugs.