In the modern society

In the modern society, issuesof discrimination, inequality, racism, violation of human rights among others informed world policy.Unfair practices ccharacterie social injustice. The unfairness arises from a great number of people and laws. Despite the existence of laws to promote justice, prevalenece of injustice is rampant. Unfortunately, social prejudce is a hindrance to the development of a country.

A theory statesthat in every system, institution and the pople sould actively work together to maintain a state of social equilibrium. Not only by law maker but also to the citizen of a community. Euqality requires the intaeraction and collective measure ith communities to be able to meet the vision of the country. Moreover, legal authorities should be more strict in eforcing laws and offer deserving punishment for those who violated it. Also, community member s sould be aware of their rights as membe of the country. This will enance the social aspect of the country.