In the following sentences

In the following sentences
(i) Identify the classes of words (‘parts of speech’).
(ii) Divide the sentence into phrases.
(iii) Identify the types of each phrase, and
underline the head of each phrase.
1. Those young children came
2. Three naughty middle-aged boys went to the village.
3. The crowd did not applaud the speaker very enthusiastically.
Many people learn English without necessarily focusing on formal grammar.
? Most of us might not be that lucky to have English as our first language. This
means that we shall come with other rich and varied skills from other languages, some of which will be helpful and others a hindrance. Such include word order, sequences and variety of tenses, among many others.
? What is a language? It is patterned behavior which we use to communicate. The study of Grammar is about how words are used in patterned ways in writing and speaking. The assumption in studying the grammar of a given language is that it is possible to identify patterns of any language including English.
? Grammar is the study of the patterns found in the structure and function of words, phrases, clauses and sentences. We will be looking at kinds of patterns or relationships found in English so as to discover the rules/usage of the language.
? There are some language difficulties that we will encounter in expressing ourselves in English.