In the 21st century

In the 21st century, traveling has become extremely popular. There are a thousand of reasons why people leave their home and travel around the world. Goldberg (2016) suggests that reasons for people to travel are often varied and depend on their personal needs, which often links to experiences. However, one of the major reasons for traveling is tourism. Human is curious and loves to discover new things. They often visit new places and would like to experience different cultures. Nazish (2018) stated that travel is not only good for physical health, but it also brings some benefits for the mental and emotional well being while traveler explores new destinations. Extraordinary places and historical architecture often are their most concern place. Regarding BBC (2018), the tourism industry has the fastest growth. As the result, today tourism industry is concerning as the international trading and takes the third place of the largest industries in the world after fuels and chemicals industries (World Trade Organization, 2016). Moreover, Tauck (2018) points out that there was a huge increase of 1.5 billion international tourists and this number will even higher in the future. Current tourism associated with the development and the growth of new destinations (World Tourism Organization UNWTO, 2018).