In our society

In our society, it is very normal for students to take on a part-time job while attending school.
More and more students join the workforce for different reasons. This has been a very debatable
topic because while some people think it is a good idea, others do not. Even though people have
different opinions, having a part-time job can offer students and society many benefits which
will be useful in a students lifetime. High school students should have part-time jobs because
they can acquire knowledge of time management, gain valuable experiences for adulthood, and
earn money.
Firstly students who have part-time learn to manage their time more efficiently because they
are juggling work and school. There is a decrease in free time, which will improve student’s time
management skills and force them to use their time more effectively and not waste it. This skill
will not only benefit them now but also in the future. For example, if a student decides to
participate in an extracurricular activity such as extra math help or join a sport, they would have
to know how to manage his/her time in order to get everything done in their day.

Secondly, students get valuable experience which will help them to apprehend the reality of
adulthood and learn new skills which would prepare them for future jobs. Having work
experience is also a crucial part of any work application and/or resume because this is what
hiring jobs are mostly looking at. Any job has tasks that are to be completed in a specific period
of time. When a student is used to, being organized and fulfilling tasks, it makes them more
successful as a teenager and later, as an adult, because full-time jobs require the completion of
even more tasks. A part-time job also provides skills that are useful for hiring in future jobs, such
as initiative, teamwork, and responsibility. The skills just mentioned are also essential for
becoming a better person and a better member of society in general.

Lastly, a part-time job, like any other job brings money. When a student starts to earn money,
they will have their own budget that could be spent on anything they want. Most likely, students
save money they earned on future education such as college. Even if the student doesn’t earn
much, it still helps gradually pay for education because every little bit helps. Some students,
however, decide to spend their money on entertainment such as going out with friends to the
movies or restaurants. The student will learn the skill of budgeting.

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To conclude, a part-time job will benefit the student and be an important lesson in life.
Teenagers that want to go far in life should look for a part-time job in order to learn and hone
their time management skills, get valuable experience, and earn money. Having an experience in
teenage years from a part-time job is an important step towards approaching the future career in