In order to return the Roanoke branch to its former level of excellence

In order to return the Roanoke branch to its former level of excellence, I propose the following
Additional help: In order to properly manage time and increase productivity, the Roanoke branch
needs to hire additional help for part time and seasonal positions for the busiest parts of the year.
We also need to adhere strictly to the overtime policy and ensure that the employees are being
properly compensated for their time. The additional help will also allow us to have more creative
ideas and will allow the team to devise a customer loyalty program in order to retain current
clients as well as gain new clients.
Weekly meetings: Weekly meetings shall be held in order to maximize productivity and give the
employees a chance to freely speak to their superiors. In each meeting, there will be a status
report for the prior week from both the employees and superiors. The team will use the weekly
reports to work together to come up with a solution to any problems, or to reward employees for
excellent work. This will provide an open line of communication, as well as survey the current
situation and see if there is a need for additional help to any and all team members.
Training: Both managers as well as employees will need to complete a series of training courses