In of mice and men short novella by John steinbeck

In of mice and men short novella by John steinbeck. This novella is about two friends that faced a lot of challenges of the world that revolves around them. In this short novella, the author Steinbeck use foreshadowing to give the reader clues or hints about what’s coming up in the story. Steinbeck uses foreshadowing with the event of Curley picking on Lennie, the death/killing of Candy’s dog and the death of the little puppy.
First example of Steinbeck’s foreshadowing is when Carlson kills Candy’s dog. And it foreshadows that George will kill Lennie, because it will put both of them out of their grief. And when candy said “I ought of shot that dog myself”(61). Candy was hinting at George not to let no strange shot Lennie. If someone should do it, it should be George himself. If George didn’t kill Lennie himself he would have ended up getting tortured by Curley. Even though Curley was going to kill him, he would have tortured him a bit before killing him. And it felt better if George did it himself.
The second foreshadowing can be seen when Curley was picking on Lennie for not replying to his questions and because he is bigger and taller than he is. That foreshadows that they would eventually get in an arguement and fight each other. When George was speaking for Lennie, Curley was mad and said “let the big guy talk”. Earlier that day George had a conversation with Candy saying “well he better watch out for Lennie, he ain’t no fighter but he is strong as a bull”(27). Curley doesn’t like big guys and Lennie is big and very strong. One day Curley picked a fight with lennie and he was beating lennie and he wasn’t responding until George told Lennie to get him. Lennie crushed Curley’s hands bcause of his strenght. Lennie himself doesn’t know his strenght.
The third foreshawdowing is when Steinbeck described Curley’s wife as “rat trap” that foreshadows that Lennie is going to talk to her. Because the first time he saw her, he said she was pretty. It foreshadows that when Lennie talks to her, he might go farther and end up touching her because he likes to pet soft things and Curley’s might have something on her that is soft. When Curley’s wife gave Lennie the right to touch her hair, that was not a good decision, but she didn’t know that lennie was going to be rough so when she tried to stop Lennie from touching her hair, he wouldn’t let go. She started screaming and lennie got scared and grabbed her to stop her from screaming whiles doing that, he snapped her neck on accident. Since he didn’t know his own strenght, he couldn’t control it.