In India there was war and then the Maurya Empire took over India

In India there was war and then the Maurya Empire took over India. This change affected the land and people of India a couple reasons. The first reason is that when the Maurya Empire came into place there was different set of laws which people had to respect unless there would be consequences. The second reason is the advancements which helped the empire be better known in India with advancements like in math. The great Maurya and Gupta ended when the Central Asian Huns took over.
Chandragupta the leader of the Gupta Empire, his army was very strong because instead of riding horses into war his army rode elephants, according to the handout about the Gupta and Maurya Empires. Chandragupta was a war-like leader and with his army he gained a lot of land for the Maurya Empire. Eventually Chandragupta became a monk and gave the Maurya Empire to his grandson Asoka.
Asoka was considered being the best leader of all the empires of India. This was because he was war-like and expanded his empire but then switched to being peaceful and became a Buddhist. According to our handout “Asoka” it said that during the time when Asoka ruled some of the most important math advancements had been made including (pi and 0).
The land of India also changed because of many structures had been built over the time of the Maurya and Gupta Empire was still ruling. Because of many wars that Chandragupta was in the battlefield got ruined overtime causing the land to change. Since most advancements happened in the Maurya Empire.
In conclusion the people and land of India have changed and affected in many ways including wars, advancements, and structures. The wars coming from Chandragupta, the advancements coming from Asoka and the stuctures coming from the Maurya Empire.