In dire circumstances

In dire circumstances, it is better to have knowledge than instinct. Instinct can only get you so far in life or death circumstances. Based on your instinct your putting your life in fate’s hand. Like flipping a coin and the out is your life ending or you making it out alive. For example in the story “To Build a Fire” the two protagonist are “The man” and the “Big native husky” where one had knowledge and the other had instinct. While instinct can allow you to think outside the box when it comes to creative thinking, Knowledge triumphs over more circumstances when you know what do instead of just hoping you make the right choice. At the beginning of the story the man was using his natural instinct which only got him so far as he started to experience frost which he never experienced before because of a lack of instincts from where he was from. In that circumstance he switched from his instinct to using his knowledge of making warmth.