In debating the gender dysphoria issue

In debating the gender dysphoria issue, it is noticed that people often making blind assumption that people with gender dysphoria is most likely also a homosexual. Well, that is not the case at all. There is quite distinctive difference between gender dysphoria and homosexual. People first need to understand the distinction between gender and sexuality. Sexuality or sex refer to individual’s reproductive system, their genitals to be exact. While gender can be described as either social role based on their or their own personal identification of one’s own gender, according to their own awareness, what gender they believe they are. In other circumstances, people’s sex and gender does not tally and aligned to each other. This is what we called transgender or gender dysphoria. Due to this two term distinction are usually used interchangeably confused people that this two term are actually the same this, thus giving the hypothesis that gender dysphoria equal to homosexual. The fact is, it is totally wrong. At this point there are no concrete data to support that homosexuality and transgenderism are related or not. So far, all that we can conclude is that homosexuality is not the same as gender dysphoria. Gay, lesbian, and bisexual are referring to person sexual orientation. Means who they are attracted to. While transgender, have everything to do with their gender identity. To the transgender people, gender is not always the same as your sex. Because the fact of that, gender identity is what you feel inside and sexual orientation is who you may attracted to and yet people, in general doesn’t understand the distinction between them. They just assume that when a guy want to be a woman, he must also be a gay (likes guys). People often confused this thing because more gays and lesbians being portrayed in the movies and television than transgender people. So it is far more familiar to the public. Regardless their gender identity, sexual orientation is totally on another debate because we can’t just conclude that when guys want to be girl that’s means he also want to loves guys like any other girls does . Whatever it is, being supportive and understanding is the key. Gender identity is about how people see themselves. Usually sexual organs help people to determine their gender identity but sometimes, on rare occasion, there will be a cross match between sexual organ and their gender identity. This is what we called gender identity dysphoria. To compare it with the homosexual, it is about who they are attracted to. People who get attracted to opposite gender is called heterosexual while those who attracted to same gender is called homosexual. While if he/she is attracted to neither both gender that person is most likely an asexual. You see, gender identity is about you and sexual orientation is about which gender you may find attractive. It a “who you want to wake up with vs who you want to wake up as”.