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— In business, consumers interest, behavior, product
profits are the insights required to predict the future of business
with the current data or historical data. These insights can be
generated with the statistical techniques for the purpose of
forecasting. The statistical techniques can be evaluated for the
predictive model based on the requirements of the data. The
prediction and forecasting are done widely with time series data.
Most of the applications such as weather forecasting, finance and
stock market combine historical data with the current streaming
data for better accuracy. However the time series data is
analyzed with regression models. In this paper, linear regression
and support vector regression model is compared using the
training data set in order to use the correct model for better
prediction and accuracy.
Index Terms—regression, linear regression, support vector,
prediction, data analytics

In business

In business, effective communication is an essential requirement. Colleagues, customers and service providers all need to be able to connect and communicate with each other to ensure the right goals and objectives are achieved. Having this communication within a work-related setting can enhance or decrease a company’s future. There are many types of communication but the main types are Verbal, nonverbal visual and written.
Verbal communication is the use of words and language to deliver a message across to the listener either through face to face, telephone, conference calls or skype. Nonverbal or face-to-face communication gives the opportunity to interact with individuals in a physical presence either one-on-one or within a group setting and go hand in hand with verbal communication but useful in the use of video conferencing for. Visual communication is used through visual aids such as drawings, pictures, signs, charts and graphic design or other electronic tools. Written communication usually backs up all other three forms of communicating using traditional tools like pen and paper, brochures and memos but also include more modern tools such as email, live chat systems, text or SMS and anything that conforms to written language.