Importance of Personality in Work Life Balance Introduction The set of behaviors

Importance of Personality in Work Life Balance
The set of behaviors, attitude and patterns of changes in thought, emotions and feelings of an individual is known as personality (Ediriweera & Weerakkody, 2010). Work is understood as any set of activities performed by an individual. For example: An activity a mother performs in the upbringing of a child. Even though the mother is a housewife, she is working 24/7 for her child. Every morning she wakes up despite being sick, unhealthy she stands up to cook and prepare her children for school or workplace. A work that a mother performs is priceless, regardless any expectation, salary she works to provide her child- a better future. The only salary that a mother expects is her child happiness and better career in future. While the capability to manage uniformity in workplace or other aspect of life is understood as work life or workplace balance (Gorsy & Panwar, 2018).
According to a study, an individual success depends on his/her capability to deal in their career formation. Every individual is different in terms of personality irrespective of same sex, age and gender.An individual behavioral differences make them different from another. Even in a family, the son and daughter ways to react to a situation might vary from parents. However, the behavior could be governed by the environment where a child is born and grown up. Every person has his own form of perceiving, respect for their loved ones and that doesn’t need any form of guidance.
Even a child after taking birth in this earth when s/he can’t murmur a word, walk properly feels safe in his/her mothers arm. A mother is capable of scolding and pampering her child at the same time which no other person in this world can because she possesses the power of love for her children. The attitude one possess could be measured on the basis of values and beliefs s/he acquires. Values are the essential outcomes that parents aim for their children for example: independence while beliefs are emotions, feelings and ideas meant as true. For example: the belief that everyone possess there is an invisible power that controls everything that happens on earth i.e. god (Bor, Brennan, Williams, Najman, & Callaghan, 2003).
Literature Review
The objective of this study would be to identify the underlying factors affecting human behavior that directly or indirectly contributes to work life balance.
Data Collection