If I were to give some advice to the parent of a child that has been maltreated or has experienced a trauma in their life are the following

If I were to give some advice to the parent of a child that has been maltreated or has experienced a trauma in their life are the following:
1. First and foremost I would remind them to stay calm and listen to their child. Listening to your child is very important so they will feel comfortable in telling you everything in their lives even the traumatizing experience they are, or may have went through.
2. Support them in any way possible. Giving them your support on whatever is going on will also allow the child to feel more comfortable and more secure.
3. Give your child respect. In giving they time to learn and to cope with their situation while being there every step of the way.
4. Protect your child from re-expose to any of the situations and reminders of trauma. These may include TV programs, stories, movies and other reminder such as visiting or seen pictures of the location or physical situation.
5. It is normal for a child that is maltreated or has experience a trauma to act in a more b babyish manor. As a parent you need to allow and expect this, but you must uphold your normal routine and household rules. Due to these behaviors expect this to be a bit difficult due to their behavior.
6. Lastly distract them. Spending time with your child and doing different activities will help them reunite with normal social environments and will get more comfortable.

To any care givers of a child that is maltreated or has gone through a traumatic situation my suggestions are the following:
1. Make sure you are reassuring to the child that their situation is over and they are safe, that no harm will come to them. This is a process that you might have to repeat so that the child will feel sicure.
2. During normal conversations with this child help them with any words that the child might feel strongly about. Try not to talk about what had happen to long. This may cause set back since you are revisiting what has happen.
3. You will have to identify the social needs of the child and provide to their needs in any way and you will need to do so as soon possible.

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To the teachers that might have a maltreated or a child that has gone through a traumatic situation my advice / suggestions are the following.
1. First and for most you need to be compassionate. Be kind and be considerate of their situation, and their current state.
2. You must listen and be observed. If you notice that a child might be having a difficult time. Questions like, “What’s happening here?” would be better rather than asking what is wrong with the child. Using your words wisely will not trigger any emotions or fear that the child might have.
3. Do not humiliate or displace the child in front of the whole class. Instead take them to the side. This will give them more confident and they will not be embarrassed and or ashamed of what they may have done.
4. Lastly also be aware. Get to know your students and how they act. You need to be aware of any situation that your students may be going through so that you can bring awareness of it and help them.