Identity – All factors we think as individuals that are important to us and define who we are

Identity – All factors we think as individuals that are important to us and define who we are, Age, Gender, Religion, Race, Family, Home environment and financial status. These are split into 2 groups –
o Personal – things that are unique to us e.g. personal goals and achievements – running 10k in under 1hour – style, body image, emotions.
o Social – the roles we play in life e.g. parent, teacher, and/or cultural groups we belong to WI, Brass bands etc.
Self-image – The person we ‘think’ we are based upon our identity. Self-image consists of 3 elements
o How I see myself
o How others see me
o How I see others seeing me
A person living with anorexia for example may see themselves as ‘fat and overweight’ when in truth they are actually very underweight.
Self-esteem – How we feel about ourselves and what you think others think about you – a sense of worth and value – an internal self-evaluation. An individual would compare themselves as they are with a description of who they want to be, and then being able to live up to these standards. Self-esteem can be both positive and negative.
In our clinics we may have a patient who has had a stroke which has affected one of their sides and therefore leaning towards the camera maybe difficult for them or holding the occluder up to their face may present with some difficulty in which case they may constantly apologise for what they see as an inconvenience to us and an annoyance them. Treating the patient with dignity and respect would in-part empower their self-esteem with gentle encouragement. If an individual’s identity is supressed this can directly affect their self-image and lower their self-esteem.


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