I learned how to think like a lawyer

I learned how to think like a lawyer. The analyzation of a legal problem, looking at all sides, is completely comfortable for me. I enjoy mapping out strategy. Meeting my clients, analyzing their problems, trying to figure out a way to deal with the presented problem challenges my mind, sometimes making it necessary to use unusual or not commonly used remedies.

I needed to determine my future career goals. As the world rapidly changes and entire job categories are eliminated and created, how do I choose?

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Eager to explore my interests further, I hesitated as I watched college costs skyrocket. In the back of mind, I replayed the countless stories about students in a pool of debt with a degree in a field they never pursued. I refused to jump into that pool.

I entered college without any goals or ideas about which academic career to pursue. During this time, I thought I was searching for my future career, only to learn later that I was destroying it. I was in search of my passion because I understood that work will take up a lot of my time. I was willing to spend more time now choosing a career wisely than to choose it now only to end up in the wrong field.

Flexible enough to adapt to this fast-changing landscape

The long hours, tedious work, crushing student debt, and poor job market aren’t exactly the kinds of things that make you pat yourself on the back every morning.

Every day is littered with new and exciting challenges. The mental as well as physical stimulation this line of work provides is phenomenal. Every minute that yields a challenge that needs to be remedied, is a chance to sharpen my mind, learn something new, and make myself not only a better lawyer, but also a person.