I have always wanted to pursue a career in maths as I find it very interesting and enjoyable

I have always wanted to pursue a career in maths as I find it very interesting and enjoyable. It is a subject I feel very passionate about, and have no doubt on picking as a degree as I desire to continue and broader my understanding in maths. Being able to manipulate numbers to solve questions, and the satisfactory of answering difficult maths problems is also a reason why I adore maths and really want to do it as a degree. Maths is very logical and requires a lot of thinking time in order to answer a question. This is simply the best reason why I enjoy maths, as I am able to develop new ideas.
Throughout my secondary school years and my As year, I have competed in multiple maths challenges, such as qualifying for the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust, and received a Bronze award which made me be joint top third with other candidates in the UK. By attempting in these challenges I have noticed how complex and exciting maths can really become, preparing myself to study maths in university.
I work as a tutor in a tuition centre helping the younger generations to learn and understand maths. This helped me acknowledge how the basic of maths is a major role of understanding the complex parts of maths. By teaching maths, I have learnt multiple ways in making children understand different topics, which increased my confidence and skills to attempt difficult maths problems through the use of different techniques. Being able to teach also helped me to increase my mathematical vocabulary and allowed me to remember and understand the basics of maths. I am also planning to move up into the A level department next year, in order to keep practicing the new mathematical skills I have learnt this year and the year above. I have also volunteered to spend some of my extra study periods to mentor year 10 maths classes in order to prepare them for their GCSE’s next year.
I also help my uncle with his computing business. This is also something I really enjoy as it requires a lot of logical thinking to solve software problems. I love going out to help my uncle sell some of his software’s, as it allows me to understand how maths is also required in other parts of the industries. Going out with him also built my confidents to talk to other bigger employees, and gave me ideas of what I could do after getting a maths degree. This also motivates me to do a maths degree as it leaves my doors open in the future.