I believe Radiography is an exceptional combination of technology

I believe Radiography is an exceptional combination of technology, science, and healthcare. I am intrigued by the advances in medicine and have a passion for combining my scientific flare with helping make a difference to an individual’s life. Studying Applied Science has expanded my knowledge on the different aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The physics, in particular, is what pleased me the most enabling me to greater my theoretical understanding of the working waves. I appreciate understanding the reason and cause behind everything which is why I consider science to be my favourite subject. Having spoken to numerous representatives at the UCAS fair about this course has really enhanced my view towards radiography. I am enthralled by the practice of using various forms of radiation to produce high-quality images which are used in the treatment of injury and disease.

The course is not just about the use of technical equipment but further looks at the well-being and safety of people. The idea that you must understand how to liaise/talk, empathise and comfort people. These skills I had picked up from my prior work experience at a Feversham Primary Academy, where I was given the responsibility of looking after a range of students of the age 5-6. Given this opportunity really allowed me to work on my communication skills amongst both the adults and children. I was surrounded by individuals of different religion, culture and background as well as given challenges like having to support students who were not able to speak English. This allowed me to work on myself and to portray a more caring disposition towards vulnerable people.

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Carrying out work experience at a pharmacy allowed me to build upon my organisation and decision-making skills. The role I was given was to organise medicines according to their use, name and expiry date. Other responsibilities included helping customers find a certain product in the workspace or taking in prescriptions. Adding to this I had done work experience at Crossroads optician where I witnessed patient to optician interactions which unveiled the focus required when carrying out tests. Duties I had carried out were filing, fill in forms, write prescriptions and help with sending letters to patients who were due to an eye test.

I have developed an independent, self-reliant approach to learning. This was shown in my preceding work experience at a solicitors firm where I was given client files as well as the chance to use the company’s case management system. I was able to use my I.T skills to chase outstanding disbursements from various companies. This allowed me to expand on my verbal and written communication which is quite important for a radiographer as they are having to address many people throughout the day. Alternatively it allowed me to get a feel and to further show professionalism when contacting these third party companies. Lastly, working at the firm allowed me to build up my confidence when using different technology and database systems.

I have passed my first aid at work certificate where I was assessed while given CPR training. The practical benefits of this course are that I am aware of what action to take in emergency cases where an immediate response is needed. I have developed the knowledge and skills needed to work in critical situations without any fear or hesitation like being able to control blood flow. This evidences I can work under pressure, use my initiative and take control of a situation.

I believe I have the capabilities, skills, attitude, and interest to succeed through my study at college. I am very passionate about working in such high-level education and consider that my personal qualities and transferable skills make me a suitable candidate for studying this course.