I am here to apologize for my rash action of not realize the importance of homework to students

I am here to apologize for my rash action of not realize the importance of homework to students, also apologize for the needless trouble I made which may be annoying to you.
The purpose of homework is to enhance student achievement and help students be-come self-directed independent learners also to develop good work habits. That is, I haven’t develop a well habit of doing homework. I knew I am going to out of the course for a whole week clearly than anyone else, I was being a fool to forget the works others have done. I have always put my gpa on the very first place, but I haven’t entirely understand the im-portance of homework, also the importance for a student to be responsible for their own work.
Homework helps students master their skills which have been presented in class, to gain the maximum benefits from future lessons, to provide students with opportunities to transfer and apply skills or concepts to new situations and the ability to integrate concepts.
To take those AP exams, I made quite a lot mistakes. I am also being thankful for giving this chance to me to confess my faults and still having those credits. I think I have to have a new point of view of homework. On the basis on previous reviews. I am going to
1.Understand the homework assignments before leaving school.
2.Take home all necessary materials to complete assignments.
3.Schedule and organize time for homework that is compatible with other exams or works to ensure today’s action is not going to happen any more.
4.Schedule time properly from distractions.
5.Complete and return homework on time.
6.Confer with teacher regarding homework concerns.
7.Record assignments in everyday’s reminder.
8.Collect and turn in all work missed during absence from school.