Humanities intro 4 topics in 1 Venus of Willendorf story is one of many theories that were brought up during the Bce

Humanities intro 4 topics in 1
Venus of Willendorf story is one of many theories that were brought up during the Bce. Her story is one that many will remember and now that the statues of the Cycladic have been the center of attention in our course I started to grow concerns that the Venus of Willendorf and the statues of the Cycladic were too similar until you look more deeply into it . They are similar but very very different in ways we caint imagine, even though one can take the others spotlight . Although venus and cycladic can differ of the statues have pretty big similarities, they also have many many differences. the Venus of Willendorf contributes a larger and more immodest woman, these Cycladic statues of bce are overlooked as being the opposite. They appear to have a slimmer shape, they have strong emphasis on their boobs and belly yet not as much as Venus, cycladic are also much taller than Venus riseing at twenty-five inches where as Venus arrives to ones feet at about four inches. The Cycladic statue shows a more sassy mean and aggressiveness in the fact that her arms are crossed like she is having an attitude, covering up her boobs. She is of a competitor the original Venus statue more because the original peace that was created cover up her breasts and torso area as in she has lots of respect for herself. Come upon early on in the Bce were statues of men and women that were very sharply detailed looking . These sculptures were setup to be depiction of the Cycladic humanities and more of their sculptures represented women. Systemic , the statues are very much complex and hypathetical. None of the above of the 2 contain faces, hiding their identity. Bce faces wasn’t the thing they were concerned with, describing human cultures using a unique method such as sculpting is what grabbed intrest to more and more people wich is what made both projects very famous .I believe their feet is faceing up so that they are standing on their toes which could mean that they are meant to lay down due to how their feet are being set up. The sculptures of women all have a slight arc in the abdomen area, giving them the appearance of a belly . They are also given slight convexity on their chest, creating the structure of boobs . Across their torso, resting upon their belly, are their bicepts as if it was to cover up their breasts as if they were embarrased . These figures are very engaging because they hide so much meaning in them and they also relate to another very outstanding statue, The Venus of Willendorf. Both master pieces have their own individual characteristics that are different from each other but still support their theory of cloneing or reproduction. Venus of Willendorf also contains a huge torso area. The areas that seem to matter to cloneing reproduct are all very emphasized on the Venus of Willendorf’s body making her look ideal for children baring. The sculpture of the Cycladic was discovered to have once been painted but not sure what color . One suggest for these paint marks was that they were used to bring attention to well known areas where people needed mitigate power of some kind. In the Cycladic case, the paint would be on her belly bringing attention to a fertile area of her body. The paint could have also ment that she was already enceinte. A lot of the evidence and theories given to both the Venus of Willendorf and the the sculptures of the Cycladic women lead to them being representations of cloneing. Because of their so much alike , it seems as if this theory gets a lot closer to a fact than anything . The comparison also lead us to believe that the Venus of Willendorf, from the prehistoric era, idolized the creation of the sculptures of the Cycladic women later on bce. When comparing the two figures, there are some very obvious features that they share in equality. They both have no faces, keeping their identity hidden or maybe making it so that it is not the center of attention because bce causeing attention was kind of bit a problem. Both of the highly detailed figures have power on two prominent areas related to reproduction system such as the boobs and the abdomen. The stengths in these areas lead to the theories of these sculptures representing fertilization and cloneing . Both of their feet are extended with their toes facing down so that they are unable to stand as mentioned earlier in the passage . The two hide their true meanings leading to many different conspiracy’s as to why they were created in the first place. This can really open your eyes to see how much we actually came a long way. I can only imagine that if it wasn’t for venus and cycladic figures what people would imagine on how we are shaped and formed.
I most definetly agree with the author because early enlightenment were located on rivers because rivers contain fresh water needed by human beings as an essential of life and for washing drinkink and sometimes cooking .within limits , transportation for any long distance was so much easier on water craft or rafts than by troter or on horseback or wagons. Generally, the soil in the vicinity of a river is better suited to tillage than at higher elevations because rich topsoil tends to wash away downhill toward the river bed, and the water from the river is more accessible to the farm livestock. When the crops began to harvest so did the natives and this made farming more and more common to all enlightenments . With this farmers harvest and harvest and in order to keep the water maintained they created a stabilized system to help monitor the maneuver of the water so that it was evenly allot across the colonies who had become a part of the agriculture expanse. In order to help the inundate system someone needed to control the dispensation , which created leadership and mutations.Bad floods damaged the tillage at certain points in the time period. Workers constructed to help munipulate that, which means that they constructed walls and buildings to keep all that matters under control. Ancient Civilizations only formed on the Nile, Tigris/Euphrates, Indus, and Huang He River Systems. Any other river system, such as the Volga, Danube, Congo, Mississippi/Missouri, Amazon, or. People settled in the valley to grow crops and raise livestock. The earliest civilizations arose in the river valleys of other colonies also. The Nile River provided water and fertile soil for the masses of ancient Egypt. In SE Asia, cities extended up in the floods of the Indus River and other rivers in the region. In northern India, towns illuminated on the Ganges River. In the north of china Huang jr gave rise to urbans. In each of these hemispheres, streams brought very rich soils for farming and liquids such as water for fuel and irrigation .The societies faced many many problems. They could not predict floods or rainfall wich made it very difficult to know when to move and migrate . The south part of asia experienced very bad droughts and caused even greater problems due to lack of food and crops. The humankind manged and found ways to fret their lands. Asians found walls that were created by mother nature and canals to control the way water flows through the rivers. The great mixture of fertile farmland and enough water to produce enough food to feed the large masses of the population . The creations manifested a large quantity of goods this helped the masses to negotiate farm products for goods they could not make on their own . This allowed the culture to try new things than to just trade goods all day , such as develop artful crafts. Divergent minorities did divergent types of gigs . This is what is called occupation for most. Resolutions developed at an outstanding rate , people wanted to know what made the rate grow significant . People illuminated tortuous societies, authoritys , and systems of writing to assist with living daily. This is why, early resolutions grew into first town. This is why I agree because how would people have survived if civilization didn’t start. This really put them on they feet its already hard for us today maybe if things can go a little how it did in the ancient era people would be less stress.