Human beings can not live alone

Human beings can not live alone. They always find themselves in gatherings. In this journey of life people need friends. People share their joy and sorrows with their friends and families. There can hardly found some guys who don’t make friends. People make friends in many ways and in different places.
You have to be friendly , talkative , loyal, helpful, funny and trustworthy to make new friends. Generally people make friends by helping others and talking with them . The value of this type of friendship is more meaningful than the friendship built on internet.
When you make new friends you have to be with them more , become more helpful and share your company . Making new friends gives us different experience. Some people teach us new things .If you make friends you’ll find your life more enjoyable and can do your works more easily . Making new friends you can share quality time and share your thoughts and ideas .
Nowadays it’s very easy to reach out to people. You can make new friends very easily using social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat, etc. You can generally make friends in school, cafes, at work or in family occasions. It’s get very easy to make better friendship when the mentality of two persons match. People search for common things in other’s natures. Even in our country people get too close just because of they belong to the same region or districts.
You can always make new friends. Some of them will always stay with you at both good and hard times. But when you make new friends, the relationship grows up based on your behaviors, promises, wishes and cares to each other. You should be truthful and keep promises tight if you want to keep your friends longer.
You don’t need a thousand of friends. That might waste your time and attentions. Set up priorities and be with them in every moment. You should focus on the quality of friends and not go for the quantity of friends.