How will your decision impact you and the people around you

How will your decision impact you and the people around you?

Your partner can pass a bacterial or viral infection on to you. This includes chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, hepatitis B, syphilis and many more. This can cause serious health issues if it isn’t treated or there is no treatment. Some of these can cause pregnancy complications, heart diseases, certain cancers, infertility, lower your life expectancy, and death if the infection is fatal. The diseases can be transferred to your other partners. That could result in a lawsuit if the partner is uninformed. If you have children the disease can be transferred during birth or through the umbilical cord. This can also result in an unexpected pregnancy. Your sudden pregnancy can cause your partner to leave you. This occurrence can cause you to be shunned by your family and or friends. Having a child may hold you back in life and make you drop out of the education system. Giving consent could be going against your religious beliefs. This can result in your family and community shunning you. You also might feel regretful and guilty afterwards.
2. If you don’t agree with the advance in your relationship your partner could violate you and commit rape. The act of rape can cause health effects, sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, and affect someone’s mental health. You can have post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, feel suicidal, and isolate yourself from your family/friends. This can also cause you to lack trust and have anger issues. If your significant other is understanding they will respect your decision, but if they don’t, they might leave you.
3. The boyfriend/ girlfriend could feel regretful and ashamed afterwards. Their decision could result in mental and physical health effects. For example, pregnancy, infections, depression, and many more. Their consent might not be ongoing and their partner might not stop. The person pressuring them might notice that they feel uncomfortable and stop encouraging them to give consent.
4. You communicated your feelings, respected yourself, and knew your boundaries in the relationship. This demonstrates that you have a responsible sense of what a sexual relationship is and that you know your mindset/body. Although, you might feel heartbroken and distressed if your partner leaves you. This decision would insure that you have no regrets or issues afterwards. If your partner truly cares for you, they will accept your decision and give you time. That would demonstrate a healthy relationship and that you have good communication skills.
5. Ending the relationship could be a good decision if you feel pressured and uncomfortable. This would show a strong mindset and sense of self. In this scenario, the person being pressured took immediate action. In this case, they probably decided that if their partner cared about them they wouldn’t convince them to do something out of their comfort zone. If the couple had shared friends their relationships could be affected.

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If you send a nude photo of yourself you can never unsend it. The photo can be re-sent and become viral. This would ruin your reputation and result in people cyberbullying you. Your partner can also blackmail you once they have the photos. This can effect your mental state, cause depression, or make you suicidal. This can affect your family life and cause you to be very angry. Your friends and family might shun you and your partner might betray you. This decision shows a lack in boundaries and self-respect. This picture will ruin your reputation and follow you throughout your life. It can destroy your chance of getting into a school or getting a job.
If you refuse to send the photo your partner might leave you. This could make you feel heartbroken. This decision would ensure that none of your private photos were shared online and that your reputation isn’t ruined.
This decision will insure that your partner will stop pressuring you and that you won’t have any stressors. Although, you might miss them afterwards.

On a scale of one to five, how would you feel about each decision?
1. I would deeply regret this decision. On a scale of one to five, I would feel a zero about this decision. It’s reckless to agree to something so serious just to please someone else. This decision also goes against my religious beliefs and my parents wouldn’t be very approving. I never make decisions without thinking of the consequences. If I gave consent, I would be at risk of getting sexually transmitted infections and a unexpected pregnancy. Overall, I should know my boundaries and not let others sway me. In this case I would need to change my mindset and work on my communication skills.
2. I would feel very confident about not giving consent to my partner. I knew my boundaries and communicated my feelings with a high degree of effectiveness. I respected my religious beliefs and prevented the possibility of a pregnancy or getting an infection.
3. I wouldn’t be very proud of myself if I let someone pressure me to do something against my beliefs. I should always make safe decisions and plan ahead. Sometimes your judgement is clouded and you forget to think about what is right for you. You should always respect your body and mental health. If I did this, I wouldn’t have considered the physical, mental, and emotional effects of my decision. Therefore, I would feel a one about this decision because I let someone destroy my boundaries.
4. I would feel fairly confident about communicating my thoughts and feelings. This way any miscommunications could be avoided. My partner would be enlightened on my beliefs and boundaries. I would also learn if they respect me and my decisions, or not.
5. I would feel extremely satisfied with breaking up with my partner. If someone truly cares for you, they would know your boundaries and not try to change them. This partner was clearly pushy and didn’t consider the feelings of their significant other.
On a scale of one to five, I would feel a one about this decision. This decision demonstrates horrible reflection skills and a tendency to have low boundaries. I didn’t consider the consequences of my actions and didn’t respect my personal space. I would never send nude photos of myself because they go against my beliefs and demonstrate recklessness. I didn’t consider what would happen if they were publicly shared and how it would make me feel.
I would feel extremely confident not sharing the photo of myself. I would respect my boundaries and personal space. This demonstrates that I reflect on the consequences of my actions. I would have avoided any public humiliation, destruction of reputation, bullying, and depression.
I would be very content about blocking my partner. If my partner respected my boundaries and personal space they wouldn’t pressure me to send nude photos of myself. This show that I knew my boundaries and thought about the possible consequences. I broke off the relationship with my partner and communicated to them that i didn’t appreciate what they requested of me. This eliminates any possibilities of my photos being shared and affecting my mental health/ life.

How would you prepare yourself emotionally for each possible decision?
1. If you suddenly decide to be sexually active you should educate yourself. You should think about how you’ll feel afterwards. If you know that you’ll regret it you shouldn’t go against your gut feeling. I would think about my beliefs and consider the reactions of my family members and friends. I would also educate myself on the possible health effects (e.g. pregnancy) and risks of sexual activity. You should also look at your relationship objectively and decide if you feel comfortable with your partner.
2. To emotionally prepare yourself for not giving consent you should consider your partner’s reaction. Your decision might not please them and they could react impulsively or angrily. To avoid any miscommunications, you should find an effective way to communicate your feelings. I would think about my boundaries and acknowledge that I should decide what’s best for me. You could be heart broken afterwards if your partner decides to leave you.
3. Giving consent to your partner and ignoring your personal beliefs can scar you emotionally. I would I remind myself that it’s my fault if something happens because I gave consent. I would acknowledge that I could regret my decision and fall into depression. I would also prepare myself for any health effects that could accompany my decision.
4. Having a conversation is extremely effective. This way you could communicate how you feel and how understand the feelings of your partner. You could make the decision together and plan ahead.
5. You will most likely regret breaking up with your partner. Prepare yourself for being upset and regretful. Think objectively and decide whether or not ending the relationship is good for you.
1: To prepare yourself for the outcomes of sending a nude photo of yourself think about the consequences. Your partner might make fun of you and you have no control over what they will do with them. Reflect on whether you trust them, or not. Think about how it could affect your regular day life.
2: Not sending the photo could ruin your relationship with your partner. Keep in mind that your decision could make you heart broken.
3: You should mentally prepare yourself because you might miss them. Remember that you are doing this for your own good and to protect your image.